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Reviews Comments: The most enjoyable comicbook in the world One Piece whole series review by Codename Bravo

What can you say about One Piece that hasn't been said before?

It is unbelievably imaginative, with a massive amount of characters, settings, and concepts, that have almost never been seen from a single work, and which could technically supply enough material for another 20 years or more.

The main cast was always likeable, but it is first with the Shabaody Archipelago arc that the series really started to shine, due to that from there onwards it starts to change the pace by focusing on the large, also lots of fun, tertiary characters.

The main strength of this series is that you always find something new in it, and never know what to expect, and the art is great, unique, and always entertains you. It makes you enjoy life more, and is one of extremely few works to be considered mainstream for the average Japanese citizen.



  • Scardoll
  • 5th Feb 13
I personally was not a huge fan of the direction the comic took with Shabaody. but I still like the comic. Glad to see your opinion of it is only warming.
  • Ego-Man25
  • 30th Mar 15
Here's something that I'll now say that hasn't been said about One Piece before: LUFFY ON EDGE FTW!!!

Oh, and another: Robin trumps Sanji. (To be fair, Sanji doesn't hit women, while Robin has her powers render her opponents speed and power useless.)

And one more: One Piece was gold since episode one.


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