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Reviews Comments: Worth Watching Tron Uprising season review by maybeawake

I originally considered titling my review "a lot like the movies." By this I mean that the visuals were a lot more compelling than the story (sorry, movie!Tron fans). The last couple of episodes won me over. Anyway, here's my two cents:

The good:
  • Some amazing technology that went into animating this show. When they get the opportunity to show it off (example: the pilot's train-top battle), the results are nothing short of stunning.
  • Some of the early episodes were bland, but things they set up really pay off in the later episodes.
  • Paige— While the show has its fair share of blatantly evil villains, she's a very deep and well-written character. I think they do a great job showing how, despite some misgivings with the Occupation, she still thinks she's doing what's best.
  • Tron— He still fights for the users, but he's been worn down by all he's had to endure since Clu's coup. He's a lot more developed than the knight in shining armor we see in the movies, and his dynamic with the far more idealistic Beck keeps the two-man uprising interesting.

The bad:
  • Some characters have plain out weird designs. Mostly characters that appear once or twice, but it's still kind of jarring to look at.
  • More than a few programs are derezzed just to remind you that the villains are evil. This works for the one-off characters, but I feel kind of cheated when they abruptly off seriously developed characters just as an "FYI: the Occupation's evil."
  • Some concepts just didn't have enough time to be executed properly and come off as unrealistic. For example, in the last episode Mara goes from hating the Renegade to standing up for him in only 5 minutes of screen time.
  • Dyson— he doesn't really do much in the present day, and he makes the backstory more complicated than it needs to be. Really, it seems like the only reason he exists is so Tron has a beatable Clu stand-in for one story.

Favorite episode: "Welcome Home" did a good job exploring Paige's motivations, and the flirting between Paige and Beck was surprisingly well done. As I said before, the last few episodes are all pretty good.

Least favorite: "Identity" has a cool-sounding concept, but in practice it's a mishmash of contrived events that are eventually solved by a poorly motivated heroic sacrifice.


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