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Reviews Comments: I Can't Decide The Nostalgia Critic whole series review by Austin DR

When I heard that The Nostalgia Critic was coming back, my reaction was mixed. On one hand, I was delighted that the Critic was returning, on the other, I wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I love the show, it's just that I thought the Critic got the perfect send-off in To Boldly Flee, and it just seemed that the Critic will stay in the Plot Hole from now on controlling plot innacurracies. I just thought the revelation that the Critic was in a purgatory-like setting was just stupid. I mean there was no foreshadowing that Demo Reel was a Self Inflicted Hell for the Critic. Plus, with the Critic coming back, it leaves his sacrifice at the end of TBF and the passing of the mantle to the Chick as moot. I just hope that Doug Walker doesn't make a mistake with bringing the Critic back. Let's all pray on it. Here's to February.


  • emeriin
  • 31st Jan 13
Agreed (apart from being delighted Critic's back, I was perfectly fine with five years and a Drama Bomb Finale). And I know you can say The Plot Hole did it if you want to be cheap, but we saw Critic while Demo Reel was going on, he was much happier. With all his hate towards his job, why would he even want to return?
  • AustinDR
  • 3rd Feb 13
  • Fauxlosophe
  • 4th Feb 13
I don't know, I think you guys are looking at it the wrong way. I don't think "The Review Must Go On" was intended as a proper plot-twist in an on going narrative.

I feel it was more a monologue where a lot of issues were addressed in a way that vaguely tied it into the character; Critic is an angry guy yelling at a camera and Doug wanted to try character humour and break out of what he felt was a rut but Donnie ended up as a whinier, less evil, version of the Nostalgia Critic while the Critic kept making cameos elsewhere. As someone who was disappointed with Demo Reel, I think this is the right move in the long run and think The Review Must Go On gave us some insight into the Doug's feelings on the matter.

For the rest, I do hope that the Critic's development comes into play and while still being whiny and selfish, he's going to be written in a way that acknowledges both his development from To Boldly Flee and a little as Donnie Dupre as well as maybe a little more interaction with other characters in his reviews.

On the other hand, I think he's a capable enough writer to do that, especially with the extra time.

So, here's to February.
  • Reedteran
  • 4th Feb 13
Doug's a pretty fantastic writer, I'm sure the Critic will be a lot better this time around, especially with TIMMOTHY GREEN being his first new review. That movie was crap. I'm gonna love seeing the Critic trash it.
  • emeriin
  • 4th Feb 13
@Faux But Donnie was never like the Critic. Apart from self-esteem issues, he never got angry, told his friends constantly how much he loved them, had no clue what nostalgia meant, kept up hope that things would get better, and was at least mature enough to be married. Plus whiny? His mother committed suicide, his wife never wanted to be around him, everything he did failed, he got kidnapped twice, and even after all that, he came to the realization that he couldn't obsess over the past. If anything, he deserved to vent more.
  • Peryton
  • 30th May 13
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