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The Conversion Bureau

The Conversion Bureau is the most vital, exciting, controversial, and powerful subgenre of MLP:FIM fanfiction in existence. The Conversion Bureau stories had a humble beginning as a simple wish fulfillment story. It was not a particularly good start, but the idea encapsulated within it was one of the most powerful notions known to man - to illuminate the human condition through the creation of an Other to act as a mirror.

Since then, the many, many Conversion Bureau authors have expanded the original conceit - that an alien universe called Equestria breaks into our own cosmos and begins to irrevocably change the destiny of Mankind - in countless ways. Authors have sided with the alien ponies, or against them, used the scenario to explore the very depths of human emotion and experience, as well as to tell exciting and powerful stories of adventure and wonder.

Originating from the fantasy backdrop of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the Conversion Bureau stories have taken that world into the realms of science fantasy and even hard core science fiction. Stories comedic, dramatic, horrifying and filled with wonder and awe have derived from the premise of the Conversion Bureau.

Factions and enemies unique to the genre have been invented. Tropes and memes unique to it have arisen. The subgenre has inspired music, poetry, sculpture and more. Always controversial, always questioning, The Conversion Bureau without question is the home of the most intelligent and unusual writers that fanfiction has to offer. Vastly unappreciated by the mainstream of fanfiction readers, the Conversion Bureau stories are the crown jewel of pony stories, pushed aside because of their power to disturb and enlighten.

The many brave authors of this most magnificent of subgenres, who dare to write stories that thrill the soul and challenge the mind, dare to explore what it means to be human through the guise of ponies. They are determined to disturb you, the reader, to force you to think, to consider what being human means, what it is worth, and whether or not it truly is worth anything at all. Conversion Bureau stories are the bad boys, the dark horses of the fanfiction world, and in their curious texts I guarantee you will find both joy and anger, wisdom and fun, wonder and horror in equal measure.


Kinda flowery thar. This is supposed to be a review, not a send-up. Be harsh. Tell what the writer did right or wrong, be it for the source material or the infamous fics by the Chatty One.
comment #17962 TheMoiderah 2nd Feb 13
This isn't a 'review'. It's a filibuster.
comment #18229 RK_Striker_JK_5 16th Feb 13
I understand trying to have balance and have both positive and negative reviews, but this reads like one of those "reviews" you sometimes see on a trailer or the back of a DVD that are clearly either cutting out the negative reviews or taking the negative reviews out of context...
comment #18230 ZeniTheWonder 16th Feb 13
List this review under Shameless Self Promotion.
comment #20446 zootsutra 3rd Aug 13
I read this whole thing in an unbelievably sarcastic voice.

So I list it under hardcore satire.

If it's meant to be taken seriously though, then God bless this poor reviewer's soul.
comment #20447 kay4today 3rd Aug 13
Look at all these anti-bronies. All of them, squirming in a row. Fat ones, thin ones, some with a very big head...

I could go on...
comment #21213 DoubleDarion 20th Sep 13
Hey, I'm not anti-brony. I'm anti-shitty fanfiction.
comment #21219 kay4today 21st Sep 13
You're in the wrong place then.

Here you go:

Bash away.
comment #21464 LogicDownfall 10th Oct 13
My Immortal is pretty much agreed to be a troll fic. And if it isn't, it's still hilarious.

With the Bureau fics there is a slight possibility that someone actually took it seriously. And they aren't even funny, they're just sad.
comment #21471 kay4today 10th Oct 13
You don't need to be anti-brony to understand these stories are at best biased and nonsensical. You don't need to be pro/against anything to recognize when stories are poorly written and executed.
comment #22295 ninjaclown 27th Nov 13
This reads like this person was paid to do this.
comment #29210 shonengirl 8th Jun 15
Wow, you don't sound like a complete shill or anything.
comment #29354 NeoShiraku 24th Jun 15

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