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Reviews Comments: My Favorite for a Reason Blade Runner film/book review by Scabbard

Being a bookworm, I never really thought that a film adaptation could ever best the book it was based on, let alone overwhelmingly outshine it, and yet this is what Blade Runner accomplished. A visual masterpiece that breaks my heart to this day- the rain caught in the neon lights, the mist atop the buildings, the alien glow in a pupil- everything is a visual feast that takes my breath away. An in depth discussion of the nature of humanity featuring one of cinema's most underrated antagonists.

Blade Runner is one of the best (if not the best) discussions of what makes someone human: the replicants can bleed and develop feelings and be as human as physically possible but the fact that they were created in a lab resigns them to life as servants and lesser creatures. Over the film, Deckard begins to questions his own humanity with every replicant he retires.

One of the best parts about this movie was actually the result of an accident. The number of escaped replicants was incorrect which led to a goof of an extra missing replicant, a hole that would be filled by Deckard's questionable humanity. It sends shivers down my spine that such a silly mistake served to elevate the film even higher in its examination of humanity by making you and the protagonist question his own existence.

But the best part is the ending where Batty saves Deckard's life and monologues about his own short existence, cloaked in a blue mist, bathed in a neon glow and silver drops as his life slowly ends to the tune of his own elegant final words.

I can't properly describe my love for this film- I can only recommend that if you love excellent cinematography, sci-fi, and deep philosophical discussions, you should absolutely see this film.


  • JobanGrayskull
  • 30th Jan 13
I have a question, but let me preface with this: I didn't really enjoy this film the first time, but I'd like to give it another shot.

Now the question: since there are several different cuts of this movie, which one is your favorite/the one you would recommend? I'm not sure which one I saw, or how that may have affected my opinion of the movie; I understand at least the ending is slightly different depending on which cut you watch.
  • protomanx
  • 3rd Feb 13
This is also my favorite sci-fi, and one of my top five films of all time.
  • Scabbard
  • 25th Feb 13
I've grown up with the Final Cut so I guess that one. I'm only just now going to sit down and see the other versions but the Final is probably the best to start with.
  • KenKevinStriker
  • 19th Apr 17
I started with The International Cut on VHS, Director\'s Cut on DVD then The Final Cut on Blu-ray. One cut for each step in home video\'s evolution. It\'s fascinated me and been my favourite film since my dad brought home the DVD Player in 2000.

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