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Reviews Comments: A Little Problematic, but Charming Monster High episode/issue review by Skylite

The show is cutely (if inexpensively) animated, and very girl-positive, all of which I like. The focus of Monster High itself is to embrace diversity and celebrate differences. Again, which I like.

The differences of personalities, I like. The differences of voice acting and accents. I love how Clawdeen's family seems to be coming from New York City.

But it is tough to like with the problematic elements.

I thought I'd love Jackson Jeckyll/Holt Hyde, but they used the bullied nerd/awesome music cool kid dichotomy, and are enforcing the whole nerd thing even though Jackson has frosted tips and a piercing. He still wears the stereotypical nerd "uniform". What discomfits me most, though, is that Holt speaks like Elvis — I know he's the King and all, but there's a lot about him that has come to light lately that is less than emulatable.

Then there's the sexism of how the girls are often the powerful ones and save the boys.

I think it'll charm me, eventually.


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