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The Review Must Go On: A Review
This is probably my favorite video done by Doug Walker and That Guy With The It's funny yet somewhat deep without taking itself too seriously. For those of you out of the loop, Doug Walker recently ended the Nostalgia critic after the website special To Boldly Flee. Cancelling the Nostaglia Critic because he didn't want the series to get too stale, and also because he wanted to try new things. Most notably Demo Reel, which had a very mixed reception from the fan base. The special starts off like an episode of Demo Reel where Doug Walker's character Donnie Dupre, finds that each member of his studio crew never actually existed. Just as its about to reach the climax, we cut back to Doug Walker as himself writing the demo reel script. He seems to be suffering from writers block, not sure where to go on the next demo reel episode. After a mix up in the delivery system he finds himself in the possession of a copy of the Odd Life of Timothy Green. After watching the movie he has a very Nostaglia Critic-esque episode ranting about the film. The bulk of the episode more or less consists of call backs to To Boldly Flee and a few cameos from other reviewers as Doug comes to grips with the fact that he wants to bring the Nostagia Critic back. Not going to spoil the entire episode, but the Nostagia Critic will be back in Feburary.

Watch the episode for yourself to see how it all happens.


I hated it. The acting and the editing was amazing, but after Demo Reel getting so good in the third episode (which most people seem to think) and delivering such amazing commentary on Hollywood, and after Critic getting the perfect self-sacrificing send-off, this just screwed over both shows. And why was it filmed like Doug having a breakdown for the first twenty five minutes and then went into "triumphant ending"? Donnie, with all his Deus Angst Machina, deserved so much better.
comment #17869 emeriin 27th Jan 13
I agree to an extent. Whether or not Demo Reel was "getting better" is a matter of opinion. But Demo reel did deserve a better send off. At the same time we seemed to get a lot of Nostalgia Critic stuff, such as Doomsday Machine, showing that the ending of to boldly flee was somewhat meaningless.
comment #17872 son 27th Jan 13
Those were old DVD bonus features, not new content.
comment #17873 Wackd 27th Jan 13
Not much difference from the perspective of a viewer who never bought the DV Ds.
comment #17925 son 31st Jan 13
They were labeled on the video title themselves as "Volume X DVD Exclusive".
comment #17928 Tuckerscreator 31st Jan 13
I know they were DVD "exclusives", I meant to say if you haven't bought the DV Ds before its new material. Apparently the population of people who buy Nostalgia Critic DV Ds is larger than I assumed (based on the comment section on the website).
comment #17931 son 31st Jan 13

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