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Reviews Comments: What made it special was it pushed no boundries. King Of The Hill whole series review by Deraj 86

After having been raised on animated shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, and a milllion animated kids shows, King of the Hill was special for one great reason: It never pushed the boundries of realism. It was different, in that it was normal. It was almost like the Badass Normal trope made into an animated comedy.

It was fantastic, and it's a shame that other reviewers have been too conditioned to wanting shows to emulate the Simpsons (Love it) Family Guy (So-so) South Park (Love it) formula and are flabbergasted that a show might try something different: Being about normality. Of course Hank won't support everything Bobby does. What parent would support 100% of the things that his or her kids tried to do? Of course the show had its flaws, but even at its worst, it was never as ham-fisted as Family Guy or South Park (again, both shows that I love). Who hasn't known a Dale, a Peggy, or a Kahn?

It's really tragic that the show was cancelled to let Seth Mac Farlene make another formulatic comedy when true subtley, satire, and intellegence were thrown into the fire.


  • theweirdwarrior
  • 7th Jun 10
I couldn't have said it any better myself. I loved the Badass Normal comparison.

I could have done without a few things here and there (such as the retcons; first on Peggy's mother, then on her brother), but it was an overall great show.

  • Phrederic
  • 8th Jun 10
Didn't it have around 15 seasons, I don't think it was canceled, I think it ended (Something that some other shows need to do) and that's good, better a show die with some grace before it goes the way of Buffy and slides into a pile of mediocrity.
  • Phrederic
  • 9th Jun 10
There is a difference between pushing no boundaries and being generic and boring, not every work needs to move society forward, not every work needs to change the world. I think it's a good thing that something just focuses on amusing people. King Of The Hill is not a particularly ground breaking work, it's got some good bits and some funny gags, but what it mainly is a sitcom that focuses on fairly realistic issues (Most of the time, there has been...odd plots), if it had been live action, nobody would've batted an eye at it, and that is perfectly alright.

Imagine if everything was trying to get some message across, it would get annoying to be preached at by every single show out there, it's nice to have something that's a little more relaxing, so you can just focus on the humor. Chocolate cake doesn't push boundaries, it's still delicious.
  • Ometta6
  • 22nd Dec 11
My Dale is a scheming neighborhood kid with Aspergers who constantly tries to come off as a bad-ass and mystical martial artist when all he does in a real fight is just charge like a bull and get shoved to the ground.

He's the only person crazy enough to hang out with me for an extended period of time. He also used to be my mindless meat puppet until I fucked up and started showing him compassion. You know how the saying goes: "You feed it once and now it stares." or some such slovos.
  • TheRealYuma
  • 6th Apr 17
Mostly normal, if you want to be exact.

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