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Reviews Comments: Sometimes Change is Good Dm C Devil May Cry game review by Immortalbear

I think that a reboot was a great way to revive the series. Between DMC's tendency to have a Kuduzu plot, the anachronistic storyline between games, and the tendency to ignore less liked parts of the franchise (DMC 2), I think another sequel would just alienate new fans and create flame wars between the existing fanbase over continuity. While the game has flaws, that doesn't mean it isn't worth a look.

One of the most controversial changes in the game is the new Dante.In the trailers, he's crass, obnoxious emoteen... that doesn't really resemble himself in the actual game. He actually has several of the traits of the old Dante with many of his more rebellious scenes taken out of context, largely to gain publicity for the game. The new Dante is more emotionally open and willing to accept the help of others which makes him more relatable than his previous incarnation. Dante feels more like a person than a superhero, though YMMV if that is preferable.

The plot is linear but does well to keep the player on their toes, as well as throw a few curveballs. The story uses a few political elements as a backdrop but they never feel invasive, simply reinforcing traits within the characters. Mundus poses as a high-powered executive with a silver tongue and does a great job of commanding whatever scene he is in. Regrettably he doesn't show up much until the final quarter of the game and I feel they could have been a lot more creative in his boss fight than the standard molten rock monster. Vergil is also likely to divide fans as his character goes from Awesome Ego to Well-Intentioned Extremist though this could be rectified in the DLC. My favorite character is Kat, as while she is sexy, she isn't oversexualized, with her character like Dante's coming off as more realistic. She serves to be great foil between the brothers,since she is a representative of humanity through the chaos between demons and Nephilim.

The gameplay is very fast-paced but fair with difficulties accommodating to new players and hardcore alike. One of the mechanics I liked was style grade not demoting over time, meaning I did not need to recklessly charge in order to maintain a decent point average. I also liked how seamless it was to switch through weapons on the fly allowing me to smash through defenses,then fire off various combos. Dm C is decent start to a new exciting series.


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