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Reviews Comments: Give it a shot Dm C Devil May Cry game review by IRZEO

As a longtime fan of DMC, I get it

When the first trailer popped up, I pretty much pissed blood with rage, I screamed at my laptop, threw things against the wall, deleted everything DMC related off my PC, Pretty much boycotted Capcom, I considered trading-in my DMC games but ultimately decided to keep them, hoping that if I got lost in them, I'd forget all about it

Months passed, I didn't follow the press at all, I didn't care that they changed the look further, I didn't care that they brought in Vergil, I didn't care that they changed it to a prequel and then to a alternate continuity.

Cut to January 17th 2013

I was browsing my local Blockbuster, then I saw it

I saw Dm C with a big ol' sticker on it saying;


Something just clicked in me. I rummaged through my pocket and found 2 pound coins and I scrambled for my wallet to find my Blockbuster card and then took it to the front desk

I was gonna rent it, I was gonna prove to the world and myself that this was a godawful pile of shit that shouldn't exist. I had to do it, I had to experience firsthand how godawful it was.

I took it home, stuck it in my XBOX and played it

30 minutes in, I was pissed

All this time, all this time spent hating on the damn thing and yet...I was wrong

It was good

It was DAMN good

I was slashing things like there was no tomorrow and loving every second of it.

And then it hit me, it's a Devil May Cry game, OF COURSE IT'S GOOD

This is DMC, just with a new story and a new haircut

This isn't "Devil May Cry 5", this is "Devil May Cry 1: Version 2", so seriously.

Coming from this guy who DESPISED THE GAME WITH A BLIND PASSION until he played it, just give it a shot


  • marcellX
  • 18th Jan 13
When does the review part come in
  • LE0Night
  • 19th Jan 13
Well, that took balls. Kudos.
  • KZN02
  • 21st Jan 13
How would this game be comparable to say Wind Waker between style and substance?
  • SamMax
  • 13th Feb 13
I think he made himself clear that he hated the previews, the ideas and all, but when he actually tried the game, he LOVED it. At least, that's what I got out of it.
  • SamMax
  • 13th Feb 13
Yes, I was Captain Obvious. Still, I'd say his review was coherent. Then again, I've read far more confusing (just look at the FLCL manga which makes even less sense than the anime)

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