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Reviews Comments: Nazeo's review Touhou Edge of Perspective fanfic review by RN 452

Touhou Edge of Perspective is no exception to the The Wiki Rule and roleplays are conducted in an IRC. The writers there put their hearts & souls into the roleplay and are always updating the wiki to reflect this. The roleplaying wiki itself has the denizens of Gensoukyou and Original Characters coexisting together. HeadCanon is used, but links to the official wiki makes sure it separate what is Canon and what is Head Canon.


  • CILS
  • 1st Aug 13
I've recently entered the Edge of Perspective Community, and I do agree, at least, for new people at least, the degree of quality that the community expects from its members is higher than conventional RP Communities. I also see the dramas that pop up from time to time, and there are times when the mood is outright awkward and uninviting. However, that is not unique to Eo P. Having joined a variety of communities, I can easily inform you that dramas like this are common across many, if not all small communities. To be perfectly honest, I was actually quite surprised that most of the debate within the Eo P Community was not directed at the people themselves, but is a means of strict quality control. Of the few people I've seen that have been kicked or banned, each and every one of them had either outright refused to listen to the advice of the admins, or had attempted to force their own headcanon on other people and neglecting to respect the ideas of others.

The actual fact that the community has devoted time and effort into developing the canon from the bare bones descriptions in ZUN's games is to be commended, there are few communities that would go that far to clearly describe and lay out the setting for their members.

It's one of the few good Touhou based IRC communities on the internet at this point in time, and for now, I'm quite happy to be a part of it.
  • InfamousCalaca
  • 8th Sep 13
I actually have been on this RP site, and to offer a hint about it, the person who wrote this was banned for sympathizing with a banned member.

I joined and was immediately asked if I was some "Charlotte" folk. Then I was prompted to sign up on the forums and was told I could not use any features but OOC if I did so. This was fair enough, a bit unnecessary but whatever.

To sign up for a character, you need to post an application on the forums. You need a name, backstory, and some other info. Then you put it out and one of the incredibly irritable admins denies it and asks if you even read what you write.

The admins are sweet to people who keep on their good side, mostly because they fancy non-admins as just a bunch of morons who come in, wreck the place, then leave. If you do something bad enough, you're banned and anyone who ever mentions your name is banned (This is similar to a technique used by the Roman Empire when regimes fell.)

I can see why people get into it (And begin to vehemently defend it from criticism, claiming that the critic was probably X or Y trying to get revenge), but walk away if you want to jump right into it, or even within the next few days.
  • DaVaktor
  • 13th Jul 14
9/10 Best glasses I've ever worn!

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