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Reviews Comments: Really, really, amazing book Speak film/book review by Hindu Goddess

Quite frankly, I'm not sure if the previous reviewer read the same book. I honestly enjoyed Speak from the bottom of my heart. Melinda is an entertaining narrator that manages to narrate high school life in the most sardonic yet hilarious way I've read in a long time. This is even better considering all the pain that the character has gone through. I read somewhere that the author considered this a book about depression, and it really shows. The reader can practically feel Melinda breaking apart slowly, and it's extremely easy to sympathize with her. The author even manages to sneak in some subtle foreshadowing and symbolism, which isn't noticeable (until the second read) or heavy-handed at all.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book as a good read. Just make sure to read until the end, because the beauty of the story is better seen after you've been given the full picture.


  • SomeFella
  • 16th May 10
I hate the sort of bland, emotionless Palahniuk narration she tries to employ. It's first fucking person. You need to add a little emotion.

The characters are tired, boring cliches that are crying out to be put down.

I'm not saying that all media should be inaccessible, but seriously, this is quite a long way from John Hughes.
  • HinduGoddess
  • 23rd May 10

We'll agree to disagree, then. Maybe read it again? It might seem different the second time?
  • SoapMagic
  • 23rd Jul 10
Some Fella, you are quite rude. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's crap. Jesus.
  • 5th Aug 10
Emotionless narration is kind of the point. It's called Deadpan Snarker for a reason. Melinda recently suffered a rape for crying out loud and is going through depression. What kind of emotion do you want her to be feeling? Wangsty confessionals on how much her life is sucking(it is)? Keeping it all in and focusing on other problems is how Melinda copes. And What do you there's no emotion? It's everywhere, tainting every action that Melinda does. Fear when IT is around, embarrassment when getting nailed by mashed potatoes, anger at Rachel for betraying her - etc. It's not openly stated because it would sound hokey for her to say "That makes me feel angry" "Oh, my rapist just entered the scene, now I'm scared"

  • Takes a deap breath*

I think my case is known. While I respect your opinion for not liking a particular book, your arguments are inexcusable for anyone short of Tara Gilispie. Speak is incredible and cranky old men/trollers/alien life forms who do comprehend human emotion/prepz/rude jerks should find something else to rag on.

  • Natgirl220
  • 11th Apr 12
I don't mean to add fuel to the fire here, but I didn't really enjoy this book. I felt bad for Melinda, of course, but her most prominent problem would've been better dealt with if she would've told someone. What's the worst that would've happened to her? She's an entertaining narrator, but at times she can be unfair and - excuse me for saying this - a little selfish. Just because someone happens to be looking in your general direction while laughing does not immediately mean that they are laughing at you, Melinda.

It's an okay book, I suppose, if this is the type of writing style you enjoy.

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