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Reviews Comments: Could Have Been So Much More. Dragon Ball Multiverse whole series review by Asger

I'll start this review right off the bat by saying I only got into DBM for two reasons: The basic concept and the artwork. The former is a letdown because many universes are just such generic ideas (Oh wow, a universe where Bojack won. Oh look, a universe where Cell won. The creativity is just astounding!) There are only three universes in the tournament that seem interesting, and they barely get any attention. And the latter might not be a viable reason to like the series for much longer since Gogeta is leaving as the artist.

The main problem is the plot and story telling. Salagir's writing really isn't worthy of praise. The pacing is awful, not helped by the absolutely useless specials that break up the tournament plot. The specials give zero new information on the universes. Take the recent U13 special for example: Who the hell couldn't have figured out that Kakarot killed everyone on Earth? We didn't need to waste an entire chapter on yet another special where all the heroes are brutally murdered. Hey, here's an interesting idea, why don;t you show how the hell Vegeta and Kakarot became Super Saiyans?

Next the characters, good God does Salagir like to play favourites. He's perpetually jacking off to his little pet character Vegito and he's pretty much made Bra into his personal waifu Jerk Sue. This wouldn't be so bad if the comic didn't seem to practically revolve around U16 (In addition to an entire fic all about Salagir's little pet universe), where all other characters that people are actually interested in get pushed by the wayside to shine the spotlight's on that asshole Vegito and his Jerkass daughter. And don't even get me started on how badly they overhype Broly.

Characters like the Super Namek, or the Super Humans, or the Tech Warrior universe would all make for interesting plots/specials, but they BARELY get any screentime, and we know virtually nothing about them.

So in conclusion, if DBM doesn't get a decent replacement artist then the series will just plummet in popularity. The writing needs desperate improvement in pacing, and Salagir really needs to stop showering his Creators Pet's with so much focus.

If you like it, fine, I can see some appeal. But personally I feel you'd be better off reading DBZ fic's like Honor Trip or Bringer of Death.


  • marcellX
  • 17th Jan 13
it started out well, but after a while it got rather boring. Most universes are tweaked in just the right way for every major villain to be on top and some don't even make sense. Like the frost demon universe, what happen to Pikkon and other beings that were stronger than them, or the universe with saiyans who were never under Freeza. And it's even more agrevious that so many of them fall so far behind they have started forfeiting without even fighting by the bucket loads. It's gotten to the point where it's more about how lucky you can be on being matched against someone in your power level.
  • MurderBlast
  • 24th Feb 13
marcellX, I'd like to mention that warriors such as Pikkon were deceased by the time they were introduced in DBZ, and it's implied he's been there longer than Goku has, so it's fair not to make mention of him and fighters like Olibu.
  • Asger
  • 30th Mar 13
What I don't get is why they even bothered to put Frieza in at all if he's no stronger than his canon counterpart. They could have at least given him the 5th form.

Same goes for the primitive Saiyans and the Androids. They serve no use being in the tournament because they have zero hope of beating some of the competition.
  • Omega77
  • 26th Jul 13
Oh don't worry, it's getting better. There's going another special chapter on U16! On how Vegetto was born! That's right, we get a comic version of the U16 novel that no one wants right when the comic is developing more into the storyline of the tournament.

I wouldn't count Freeza and the other characters out yet though. Like U18 Pan showed and Cooler hinted, they can get new transformations in the tournament itself.
  • Asger
  • 27th Jul 13
I thought that the story was FINALLY getting underway with Buu and all that, and then the pacing has to come to a screeching halt so we can be reminded just how 'awesome' Vegito is.
  • Overlord347
  • 23rd Aug 16
If you don't like Bra's character, then you are going to hate how things have gone as of chapter 53; you can see the Dethroning Moment of Suck page for more details. The blatant favoritism towards Bra is beyond anything Vegetto or Broly received by a long shot. And to top it all off, right after the single most fanbase-dividing chapter in the comic (even many of those who had genuinely liked her immediately switched sides afterwards), she gets an entire special devoted to her, which marks the third special U16 has gotten, while most other universes have only gotten a single special (often not very long, either); U11 and U9 still have not even had one yet.

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