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Reviews Comments: The problem when the game is more interesting than the player Pew Die Pie episode/issue review by RN 452

First of all, let me ask: why do we ask for silence while watching a movie? Why do we dislike the guy that keeps making sounds in the theather and want him to shut up? Because we want to pay attention to what's happening in the screen and that's how I felt when I watched his episodes on The Walking Dead.

The game has one of the most engaging stories I've seen in a videogame, because it makes you care for the character and face the harsh reality that you won't be able to save all of them. It's a drama game, not an horror game, the zombies are just there to be a plot device, replace them with other thing like demons or stuff and you see almost no difference. And that's where it lied my problem with Pew Die Pie: he is the guy who keeps making noises in the theather.

I only watched because a good friend of mine recommended, because we had a bet. She told me his specialty was horror games. I also learned of his huge popularity. But when I started watching, I saw a guy who simply made choices randomly in the first two episodes, that didn't realize he was in a setting that required measurement of his own choices, he seemed like a stereotipical FPS fanboy. Some of the jokes were funny, but it's because he made so much boring jokes, so much, that he had to get a minority right. I was frustrated, watching a drama story unfold and he screaming in my ear whenever a zombie appeared (at least he had the common sense to diminish the screaming at the last two episodes). In fact, if I were to compare Pew Die Pie to a character of the game, I would compare him to Ben, both have no sense of what's going on.


  • ShadowMario
  • 10th Jan 13
I agree, Pew Die Pie is not funny. I do not find it funny either that he would go and constantly shout the word rape when he plays a zombie game. Sure, it's funny to swear every once in a while. But, he swears so much that it's not even funny. If you wish to delve into the hatedom of pewdiepie. Here's the link:
  • MrMallard
  • 10th Jan 13
Try watching his Happy Wheels playthroughs. The game's got a sick sort of humor to it, and his commentary is much better suited to it than The Walking Dead.
  • Nettacki
  • 25th Jan 13
I agree with Mr Mallard. His Happy Wheels videos are the only ones that I've actually chuckled at, partly because they're shorter, and partly because they seem to fit his style of "humor" more there.

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