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Reviews Comments: Painfully unfunny Mad whole series review by Alvarocasalino

"Mad" is a painfully unfunny series which fails at making any kind of decent parody of even the easiest targets . In fact, this show fails at every single level, being ugly, obnoxious, dumb and poorly made, having any single flaw that any program could have.

All the "parodies" done by this series are idiotic: Most of them consist in doing a stupid crossover without sense, or making one Incredibly Lame Pun about two franchises with similar names, either way, the result is always something dire and completely unwatchable.

The animation of this series is terrible: Each chapter of Mad features different art styles, having all of them in common an almost unbelievable level of ugliness, with awful and unappealing designs and a horrible use of colors.

The most pathetic thing from "Mad" is the lame use of Internet memes, all of them which have been used to death in forums and image boards many years before the start of this series.

Honestly, there are many You Tube videos that are able to make a better (and funnier) use of Internet memes than this atrocious show.


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