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This isn't a review. It's just a rant and doesn't critique.
comment #17415 Tuckerscreator 26th Dec 12
I could not read this. Exclamation points are not the only form of punctuation.
comment #17418 doctrainAUM 26th Dec 12
...Myopicness aside, you do realize the point of the show is picking that formula apart and rearranging it, right?
comment #17421 Wackd 27th Dec 12
I think most people actually think this about the show, and people have been going on about how repetitive it is, since 2011. Occasionally, people have said it was repetitive prior to 2011, but since 2011, the complaints and rants about this show(I swear to god, most people hate this show, I love it though) have been skyrocketing. Gravity Falls was the nail in the coffin for the show's fanbase imo. Most people hate Pn F and treat it as if it's the devil spawn, despite being worse cartoons out there like Spongebob.
comment #17484 CartoonFreak95 30th Dec 12
It's also a show primarily for children. It's meant to be entertaining to /them/, not adults. It has silly scenes, songs, and a status quo that will never change. Most kids shows have this framework, unless they're missing the songs. I do have to say, Gravity Falls is a more interesting show to me, but I'm not a six year old. This show has to be popular with kids or else it wouldn't be on the air. Also it's "errands", not "arrands."
comment #17486 fenrisulfur 30th Dec 12
...I can't tell if this is an actual review or a troll. The grammar is just all over the place with this one.
comment #17505 aaaa 31st Dec 12
^Normally I disapprove of this kind of assumption, but in this case the writer in question was suspended for vandalism, so it probably was a troll.

Although I still agree with it in some respects. Yes, it may be ridiculous to criticize a show meant for children as "childish", but no one on TV Tropes is likely to be reviewing a work from a child's perspective either.
comment #17509 nrjxll 31st Dec 12
This is basically a default rant of what every Phineas and Ferb hater says about the show when giving a critique of it. All of these criticisms are pretty much formulaic, and more so than the show itself (Not every hater but still) and most of the negative reviews are rants towards the show than actual critiques.

The show is far past it's better days (With Gravity Falls stepping in last year for Phineas and Ferb), but it's not as bad as people are making it out to be and it certainly isn't "childish" either. Wordof God says the show is for a general audience and there are many adult jokes featured on the show (It's not as risky as Adventure Time, Regular Show or even Gravity Falls but to call a show childish because of that is showing signs of the Animation Age Ghetto). I mean I like Gravity Falls in a similar light to Phineas and Ferb, but the hate for the latter show following the success of the former is ridiculous. I like both shows in their own way and there certainly isn't any competition between them. I never got the songs criticism either as it just seems like an attempt to make excuses to hate the show, because My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic has songs in and I don't see any complaints about that.

Phineas and Ferb isn't perfect but to me, it's good to watch on a rainy day and it's earlier seasons were top-notch. I wouldn't mind the show ending now because at least it has had a fair run. But I still think the hate comments for it, for the most part are extremely unfair.
comment #22453 anonymous1224 10th Dec 13
Take a drink for every exclamtion point.
comment #22917 RobbieRotten 17th Jan 14

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