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Reviews Comments: Opening Episodes Ultimate Spider-Man episode/issue review by James Picard

Oh. My. Goodness. This was just horrendous. What is wrong with this show? Oh, where to begin? Let's start with one of the more polarizing things: the humor. It stinks. It's either dumb or predictable, and the only times I laughed were when Flash got stuffed in the locker. It's way too in-your-face with the gags, and needs to let the audience breath. Then there's the characters. I'll admit, I like Drake bell in Drake and Josh but here he's just annoyingly squeaky. He's way too high-pitched, and it's really grating. Nick Fury is okay, but kind of bland. The teen superheros are alright, with the exception of White Tiger. She came of as an egotistical hypocrite who doesn't care about anyone but herself. The villains really need some work, and all feel very flat, though I like the less-is-more approach with Doc Ock. Peter's friends also suffer from flatness, but they have potential. However, one thing seems to be a universal character trait among the teens: they all carry an Idiot Ball around with them. Things they would normally whisper to each other to avoid letting the adults hear are nearly yelled, and Peter wasn't even able to make the obvious connection that the new students are the other superheroes. Then there's the writing. It is very inconsistent. The writers try to switch between unfunny humor and pitiful attempts at "strong characterization" come off as ridiculous and trite. Peter's dilemma was completely unbelievable, considering that these heroes SHOULD be more competent than him. And finally, my biggest problem is the very premise of the show. Spider-Man is the everyman, thrust into a world he knows nothing about, trying to learn the ropes as he goes. He doesn't have anyone else to rely on, it all comes down to him. That's why he's appealing as a character. He's one of us. Now, how many of us get superhero training with secret government organizations? Not many. This completely ruins the idea of the character. Peter's great power no longer comes with great responsibility, and that completely betrays everything Stan Lee tried to establish with this character. I for one, am not planning on watching this ever again.


  • doctrainAUM
  • 24th Dec 12
This is from someone's who has never seen a whole episode. Simply being a superhero distances Spidey at least a bit from the readers. He's the everyman as far as heroes go, but the people he meets, the places he goes, the things he does on a daily basis are completely unlike how most of us go about our lives. i don't see how working with SHIELD would be any more distancing than any of that.

The comment about The Spectacular Spider Man came off as unnecessary. Like you're saying that this show is bad because it does things differently. And yet, most of your criticisms seem valid.

Hearing this show's premise, it sounds like they wanted to do a modern-day version of Spider Man And His Amazing Friends. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • fenrisulfur
  • 24th Dec 12
This was not meant to be SSM, it was an attempt to create a super hero show that would appeal to younger audiences than SSM. What that says about the creators is up to your interpretation. I would have liked this show a lot if I was six.
  • JamesPicard
  • 2nd Mar 13
I actually did watch both of the first episodes in their entirety. Now yes, I haven't seen anything after that, but unless people start saying the show gets better in Season 2, I'm leaving it here. And yes, being a superhero DOES distance him from society, but we're still supposed to see ourselves in the character. That is the biggest problem with this show. It doesn't understand Spider-Man's character, all it understands is "Kids like super-heroes, Spider-Man's our most popular one, if we tone him down for kids and give him a bike, they'll watch!" I get that's how media works, but as a fan of the character, it feels like they don't care. And yeah, I know it wasn't meant to be SSM, and it's mainly for the younger audience, but that is NOT an excuse for low quality Plenty of other kids cartoons like SSM or Avatar or TMNT'03 or even Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes were for roughly the same age group, and they still did well. Now in fairness, I will say I didn't go in unbiased, and I could've done a better job at restraining myself. But I still feel like this is only an appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator, which is not a good way to win people over. The excuse "It's just a kid's show, who cares if it's dumb?" only serves to imply that kids don't deserve quality entertainment, which is not true. Yeah, they may like it, but that doesn't mean it's good. The best kids shows are the ones we can enjoy even as adults, and there are several that exist, one of the most well-known being Doctor Who. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should.

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