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Reviews Comments: Decent, but not the best Pokemon Conquest game review by Shadicthe Hedgehog

On a whim the other day I decided to rent this game, and I discovered that I had been a bit spoiled by Nippon Ichi when it comes to turn-based Tactics RP Gs. Even so, some of the things I think make the game difficult to play are barely related to the difference between the two.

1: Each Pokemon has one pre-set move, with no choices in what those moves are. This would have been easy to change by giving them an attack pool similar to an earlier game, Pokemon Rumble.

2: You can only attack after moving. Charge attacks are nice (especially if you have a 'mon with Run Up), but hit-and-run is an actual tactic that would be nice to use.

3: Each Warrior is stuck with whatever Pokemon he gets, including those they link to. What I mean is, isn't one of the ideas in the main series (and I know, as the other review pointed out, this isn't a main series game) to trade Pokemon? If I can't find a Wild Sneasel, but I've run across four different Free Warriors with Sneasels, why can't I recruit one of them, then trade their Sneasel to a different Warrior for one of theirs that might be more compatible for the both of them?

All in all, in my opinion, if you just want to play this game, I'd say rent it, don't buy it (but be careful, renting doesn't usually come with an instruction booklet).



  • AkiraxAtsukifan
  • 14th Feb 13
I think the only thing that I have an issue with is 1 and 3.

1. The game would be too easy if you were given a choice of moves. I think someone gave a good explanation in another comment, but imagine having Shingen's Rypherior or Kenshin's Gallade with a different move. They would be impossible to beat given how high of a level they're at. The game would also be broken if the legendary Pokemon were given multiple moves. By having one move, it keeps the characters from being overpowered. Shingen is limited by range and a crappy attack while Kenshin cannot hit dark Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon are at the end and while Nobunaga cannot hit any ground Pokemon with Zekrom, since you're always going to be fighting him (minus post game) he doesn't need to worry with Zekrom's stats.

2. Not a big issue and only a few Pokemon can hit and run. I think if you had a hit and run tactic, it would be impossible for the stages like the ground nation. Imagine hitting someone and then running to the platform where you can just be lifted to a higher floor. You would never be able to hit them. And flying Pokemon in general would be able to do this. It would be a nightmare if Masamune had Pokemon where he can use this tactic. You would never be able to beat him.

3. Given the setting of the game, it would be impossible to trade. The point of Conquest is to forge the pact with a single Pokemon and get them to 100 percent link. Trading ruins the point because you might as well give the main warlord all the legendary Pokemon for crappy ones and since you're only going to use one Pokemon in battle anyway, there would be no point with alternating.

That's my two cents on your review.

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