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I don't know why you felt the need to rip into DBZ. It makes your review look worse than it normally would be.
comment #17155 kay4today 9th Dec 12
Good point. I decided to tone down the DBZ bashing.
comment #17158 protomanx 9th Dec 12
Enh YMMV, I thought the Sensui arc was pretty terrible and the final arc actually did a lot more. Really it should've ended after The Dark Tournament which really should've been quite a bit shorter anyway.

But I mostly agree with this.
comment #17159 terlwyth 9th Dec 12
Ripping into other anime not only makes you unprofessional. It comes off as pretentious and childish, not to mention using phrases like 'pretty damn awesome' shows a lack of using a proper way to highlight and discuss your points. You say things are awesome, but you don't go far into enough detail as to why.
comment #17163 qtjinla15 9th Dec 12
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