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Ah, it should be noted I am a sorta relaxed person, the perspective switches and hilariously terrible jokes didn't bother me. I got used to the troll's typing quirks fast, I could wait out Act 5 Act 1 to get back to the kids, I kept track of the timelines and item casualty easily. I could appreciate the effort that went into the music and art and animation and gameplay and understood the nuances of the kid's and troll's characterization that weren't explicitly discussed. Hussie's sudden changes in character focus just get a shrug from me as I try to figure out how he'll weave the rest of the cast in and wrap it up in one more act, and I just have a weary faith in him by now from previous shocks and revelations. I guess if you can't do all of the above, you'll hate Homestuck. But it is worth it. ;)
comment #17079 Starburstia 5th Dec 12
"Objective" means that it is a quality not based on someone's opinion. It is impossible for anything to be objectively good or bad. I don't know how so many reviewers make that mistake.

In fact, this whole review is full of the condescending "if you don't like it, I really pity you for having focused on the wrong things". It's as insulting as negative reviews that hate the people who enjoy the reviewed product.
comment #17080 doctrainAUM 5th Dec 12
The second paragraph is not the most condescending thing I've ever read.

But it certainly tries its best.
comment #17081 nrjxll 5th Dec 12
That sucks, I'm not trying to be condescending. Just trying to figure out why people think it's the suckiest thing ever??? And then I just feel bad they can't enjoy it. Shrug.
comment #17089 Starburstia 5th Dec 12
Honestly, I'm so embroiled in it by now the only objective thing I can say is that it is interesting. Which I think is pretty objective! "If you don't like it, that is totally your thing man" doesn't really ascribe negative hate aspirations on people I hardly know. (To be excruciatingly precise, 'hardly' means in this case not at all plz understand I am not really insulting you so don't take some kind of emotional attack I am ducking) >:o Yeah, I realize a kind of jokey tone can be badly taken, but unfortunately i didn't realize this before there was no way to edit it into a clinical nonoffensive pc... thing.
comment #17090 Starburstia 5th Dec 12
This is one of the most condescending and obnoxious reviews I've ever read. :V
comment #17344 kay4today 19th Dec 12
While it's good that you enjoy something, there is no objectivity in 'interesting.'
comment #17355 dragonfire5000 20th Dec 12
You sound condescending because, rather than treating your opinion as yours and yours alone, you try to say that the only reason others don't have the same opinion is that they are deficient in some way. i.e. "if you CAN'T tilt your head a certain way," "you COULD see the whole charming experience for what it is," "I feel bad for YOU if you weren't."

Let me give you an example: think of something, ANYTHING, that you really, really, hate. A type of food, a show, a game, a book, etc. Now, imagine I told you that I felt bad for you because you didn't like it. How illogical would that sound? Why should I feel bad for you when you aren't really "losing" anything by just not liking something.

You wouldn't "feel bad" for someone for not liking cake, would you? You'd feel shock, maybe, but sympathy?

Do you get it? I hope so, because having an opinion and then describing it as "objective" is just ludicrous. It shows a profoundly self-centric world-view. We are all different, with different opinions. What you may find interesting, someone else might see as dull, boring, and/or pretentious.

And that is why your review sounds condescending. I hope you understand now. Whatever your intentions were, you came off as a self-righteous and disrespectful Homestuck fan. Which the fanbase gets a bad enough rap for as it is...
comment #17650 ChaoticTrilby 12th Jan 13
...I had no problem with your review, if it's any consolation.
comment #17710 Ninety 15th Jan 13
Honestly, I didn't find it that condenscending. That is, compared to another review that is much worse about that. This one has similar faults, so it's still pretty condescending ("I was charmed by Homestuck. I feel bad for you if you weren't.", seriously?).

But worst of all, it's little more than a fanboyish rant. As review, it's worthless.
comment #17711 Nyarly 16th Jan 13
No, no, no. Interests cannot be objective; everyones' interests are different, which makes them subjective. Objective = everyone agrees, a definate fact. Subjective = an opinion. Learn what technical word like those mean before you use them...
comment #17778 TotallyNotLoki 19th Jan 13
Woah! Wandered back into tvtropes. Sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone. But that's just me. Honestly? If there was this one food, this one show, I really friggin hated, for example like um, it was totally insulting and racist or something, and someone felt bad for me for not understanding why they liked it, I wouldn't mind. I would just scoff and not care. If someone didn't like cake I'd feel pretty bad for them, though. Not really shocked, they don't have to like cake, they can have different opinions. But, cake is delicious man, even if only to me.

Uh, the reasons I ascribed to not liking HS is not because people are deficient. It's because they are different? I think... you took more out of this than I said, sorry. I was more listing the things that could have turned me away, but didn't. I didn't know what pronoun to use rather than 'you' but that pretty much was my own opinion. You know. Review. So yeah, I'm pretty offended you took it as me disrespecting people and being self righteous, but I feel bad you took it that way. I regret that that's how it happens.

Alright, sheesh, you guys win. Subjectively Homestuck is interesting. Objectively it is really long, really extended, has a really overstimulated fanbase, has many characters, has many settings, has time travel and foreshadowing and dragons and aliens and magic and science, has character growth (look can we just please say this is objective), has elements of the matrix with elements of star wars with elements of earthbound.

Objectively it is a game about four internet friends, who start to play a game and remain friends through life and death and everything in between. Objectively events happen where villains are humanized, superpowers are granted to people who perhaps shouldn't have them, where origin stories are entire universes in themselves.

The problem is, objectively this is pretty subjective because I really like Homestuck as a story and a narrative. I'm sure someone who didn't could pick out a ton of objective facts as problems subjectively.

But if anyone has technical problems with the review is structured to make it less of a fanboyish rant and more a sophisticated criticism of it's various fanbase schisms feel free to share. Should I break it up into /story /characters /art /music? I tried, but there's a word limit that makes it impossible, so I thusly cut out all the explanatory bits and put into one clump.

And the one thing there seems to be huge issue with: that I feel bad for people who didn't enjoy Homestuck.

I... honestly don't know. It's not a gloating kind of bad, and it's certainly not pity, it's just a sigh. that moment when you tell someone about Homestuck and they give you that /look./

Lastly, I'm impressed with the response volume. Cool beans.
comment #18100 Starburstia 7th Feb 13
The edited version of the review is much better.

And I don't think you feel bad for people, you just feel bad that people dislike it and don't get why you find it so great.
comment #18114 kay4today 8th Feb 13
Ugh. I'm fed up. My opinion didn't change at all. I just phrased it at max defensiveness minus all colloquial ribbing. I'm never reviewing this shit again.

Look. If someone hates cake, that is their own damn problem but...........


I would still feel very bad that they will never know the joy of cake. I will make jokes about why you could possibly hate cake.

I will say, "I feel bad you cannot enjoy cake" winking obnoxiously and slowly licking a spoon full of cake batter. This is not condescending, this is the foreign feel of teasing. Even if you dislike cake, I still respect you as a person, and I expect you ('you' being an imaginary metaphor and not 'you' anyone on this forum, I cannot believe I'm clarifying this) to deal with the fact I enjoy cake and to NOT take outraged offense to listing negatives (with evidence and backup but a character limit) upon a hypothetical 'you.'

you want condescending???

I hope Totally Not Loki learns what technical words like subjective and objective means within context of a review before he goes off to comment on said reviews to an unimpressed author who has a degree in the arts and THEREFORE probably kinda sorta maybe possibly knows what 'objective' means. He could perhaps consider not everything in the world is technical, and maybe the use of the word 'objective' was a point in itself, and also the merits of flopping on the comment button to devotedly harangue unimpressed authors with said gem of advice. Perhaps Totally Not Loki is actually female. Perhaps I do not care!!! Actually I didn't really care about this comment, this was just an easy target but I lost interest halfway through. Ah, internet.

But seriously my bs threshold is nearing full bs. It seems being polite, open to suggestion, and non confrontational is clearly overrated. Eh. Whatever, now I want to eat some cake. Now I'm sort of amused as well.
comment #18121 Starburstia 8th Feb 13
In all I'm starting to regret everything, including paying attention to the comment section of this review. I hope I will find this in 10 years and laugh.
comment #18122 Starburstia 8th Feb 13
Not least at yourself, one suspects

...God, I hate this place's review section.
comment #18125 nrjxll 9th Feb 13
Is Starburstia trolling, talking to himself or were there other comments that got deleted?

And yes, the review sounded very obnoxious and condescending before. This is an objective fact. ;)
comment #18127 kay4today 9th Feb 13
Woah. Didn't expect you to get all offended by my explanation of why people found your original review obnoxious. I understood what you meant in the first place and was just trying to explain exactly why others found your original review condescending. Also, I'm a little disappointed that you didn't get the negative undertones of suggesting that those who don't like Homestuck just "can't tilt [their] head[s]" the right way. It's an Unfortunate Implication that you (and other fans) are somehow special enough to be able to tilt your heads that way, basically. That's all. I'm sure you didn't intend to sound that way, but that was how others were reading it.

This edited review is much better. No review can be entirely objective. Opinions fall into the mix, and that's fine, just as long as you don't make it sound like your opinions are the "right" way to view it. Your original review came off that way, and it irritated a lot of people. This one is perfectly fine.

Also, I was not surprised to know that you had more on your mind for the original review, but were stymied by the word-limit. It's my main reason for never writing a review on this site - not enough room to say what I want to say. So, on that front, understood. It must have been difficult to cram all your thoughts into such a narrow word-limit, and there were corresponding misunderstandings.

Your most recent comments, they make you sound kind've immature, sorry to say. Maybe, I'm taking it out of context though. I echo kay4today's sentiment, wondering if there were comments that got deleted between yours. That would explain it.

Anyway, you may never return to read this comments' section, but good on you for going back and editing your review. It takes a certain sort of character to admit to having expressed oneself the wrong way. Good job with that.
comment #18325 ChaoticTrilby 25th Feb 13
Review is fine, I can't see what everyone is griping about. I know this is probably an old thread/discussion/whatever, but it's the newest Homestuck review so blah.

I see where your coming from 100% with feeling so for people, its like a small child who's too scared to go down the water slide. You just have to hope they wise up on their own eventually, instead of trying to convince themselves its not worth it. I guess that's a little patronizing, but honestly I am ticked off by these people reviewing your review. You are right. They are wrong. Grow up people, he has an opinion and feels bad for you.

I pity people who can't get into Homestuck. I pity people who, "don't like" bacon. I pity the foo'.
comment #18370 grimDacnomania 4th Mar 13
"I know this is probably an old thread on a review that has since been edited, but I'm going to give my uninformed, pretentious opinion on it anyway!"
comment #18371 MFM 4th Mar 13
I think ^^that guy is even worse than the review was before the edit.

Honestly, I feel bad for obnoxious douchebaggery like that. :C
comment #18372 kay4today 4th Mar 13

Can this all just... stop. Like jesus, it's only a webcomic, and it's only a review, and I personally thought the webcomic was awesome and This Is Why Severely Abridged. Strangely offensive assumptions were made on both ends, but in the end, I hate the internet. If everyone would kindly fuck off unless the anons can speak w/o the inflammatory ad hominem. If the general you feel the need to comment further, please desist and let this dumb review fall into sweet sweet obscurity. Thanks for your time. As a final request, before posting, read your comment out loud as if talking to a person in front of you before deciding to click the submit button, as I should have done from the start. Pretend the person is someone who is interviewing you for a job and would judge you accordingly. Let it be known I've been rolling my eyes at this entire little stupid incident and hope you all have happy and fulfilling lives seeya anons. It's been fun.
comment #18415 Starburstia 8th Mar 13
Too bad that you couldn't think like this before you posted the review, huh? :P
comment #18416 kay4today 9th Mar 13
no it was pretty much directed at you.
comment #18429 Starburstia 9th Mar 13
comment #18430 Starburstia 9th Mar 13
What a strange person.
comment #18439 nrjxll 9th Mar 13
"As a final request, before posting, read your comment out loud as if talking to a person in front of you before deciding to click the submit button, as I should have done from the start."

You even admitted it yourself. XD

But it's okay. At least you learned your lesson. :P
comment #18440 kay4today 10th Mar 13
"As a final request, before posting, read your comment out loud as if talking to a person in front of you before deciding to click the submit button, as I should have done from the start."

You even admitted it yourself. XD

But it's okay. At least you learned your lesson. :P
comment #18441 kay4today 10th Mar 13 Look anon, I'm totally cool with you, why so resentful? :Z
comment #18445 Starburstia 10th Mar 13
I'm not resentful, just pointing out your mistakes. :P
comment #18446 kay4today 10th Mar 13
Alright then, keep trekking.
comment #18447 Starburstia 10th Mar 13

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