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Reviews Comments: Avoid like the Plague Confused Matthew whole series review by iwintheinternets?

Why are this guys reviews unwatchable?

Because this guy is a Jerk Ass.

He is clearly suffering from narcissism and delusions of importance. He thinks we will actually enjoy just watching him and his opinions for 50 minutes (The Golden Compass review) when in fact we watch them to stare in awe at how much of a dickbag he is. He feels that he is the centre of the universe. We all do from time to time, but for this fellow it is constant. He was likely born with a pre-disposition to Narcisisstic tendencies and was only egged on by his parents who refused to see the bad of what they were doing when they told him to ignore the kids who were (Quite rightly) picking on him at school. They probably said he was better than them.

His review of Watchmen is a huge example of his underlying idiocy. Despite stating outright that he knows nothing about comics, he still criticizes a film which is in every way so much like a comic book and so utterly close (Almost too close according to some, even) to its source material for being NOT LIKE A COMIC BOOK.

He picks up on a cynical message in The Incredibles when in fact it was never supposed to be a lighthearted cartoon that kiddies could fall asleep to. It was a surprisingly complex, genuinely thought-provoking post-modernist study of the superhero genre formatted in a totally groundbreaking way so that both children and adults could enjoy it, albeit for entirely different reasons. And even then, the core theme is of family, which is by any means a good moral.

I dislike most anime myself, but even I cannot see what the hell he's trying to prove in his Spirited Away review.

The Lion King review was just a pile rubbish showing that he has no mental capacity for understanding the mindset of a child and that he is a hypocrite, given his Incredibles review.

The fatal flaw of Confused Matthew reviews is that the man delivering them is simply so loathsome, so revolting in manner and so annoying that it is hard to sit through his long, LONG, reviews. He is the flaw. Dont watch his reviews, he's just looking for more ego-fuel.


  • maninahat
  • 13th Apr 10
This is less of a review and more of a rant. Do you think his narcissism disrupts his ability to review or entertain? And is it simply because you disagree with what he says that you think he is a bad reviewer? Your review of his website would become more useful if you answer these kinds of questions instead of making personal remarks about his character.

As it happens, I don't think he has any delusions about his importance. Like all reviewers, he knows perfectly well that anything he says is only his own opinion and that his own opinion is no more valid than anyone elses, even if he thinks some other opinions are wrong.
  • iwintheinternets?
  • 13th Apr 10
Maninahat you are absolutely right. It came across as a furious rant against his personality. I have edited it to make it more clear that whilst I disagree with some of the reviews, it is his personality that makes them hard to sit through.
  • gibberingtroper
  • 28th May 10
He got the impression that people wanted to watch his videos because people wanted to watch his videos.

His film reviews back when he was doing them on You Tube tended to get between 10,000 and 50,000 views. Not a huge number for You Tube but its enough to show that he has a following.

If you look at his "Requested Reviews" page, he has 56 total requests (18 completed, 38 in queue) and the only reason he doesn't have more than that is because he had to stop taking requests to catch up. Keep in mind, each request represents at minimum a $25 donation to him. Somebody out there does like him. Its not narcissism.

And he's well aware of his critics. You may not have noticed but he has been to this page more than once. So he knows that some people like him and some people don't.
  • iwintheinternets?
  • 29th May 10
Narcissists are very attractive to others, especially chronic ones. They do whatever anyone wants them to as long as its in their best interests.

And I guess in the end I just don't like him, will be happy when he dies and really have little else to say on the matter.
  • Phrederic
  • 29th May 10
@iwintheinternets? Woah there, I do agree with you, his reviews themselves suck, and he's really, really shrill, obnoxious, and painfully unfunny, but being happy when he dies? That seems pretty harsh to me.
  • iwintheinternets?
  • 29th May 10
Yeah... looking back that was seriously harsh. Not that it's much of an excuse or anything, but it was about 3:00am when I wrote that after an emotional evening of dealing with the Lost finale. So Confused Matthew, if you are reading this, I have legitimate reasons for disliking you quite deeply, I feel that you are pretty much a terrible person with few redeeming qualities despite not having ever once met you in reality, but when you die I will not be particularly happy. I hope you can accept my humble apology, although I still don't like you.

(This all quite confusing, really)
  • gibberingtroper
  • 30th May 10
Whatever definition of "narcissism" you hold, I've at least addressed your statement "He thinks we will actually enjoy just watching him and his opinions for 50 minutes (The Golden Compass review) when in fact we watch them to stare in awe at how much of a dickbag he is."

Its very clear that you don't like him and a bunch of other people here don't like him and its very clear that a lot of that goes back to the movies and cartoons he dares not to like. But his view counts are coming mostly from people who like him, and his donations are coming entirely from people who like him.

And do you really do that? Do you really waste your time watching "dickbags" you don't like on the internet? Its one thing to do that with a TV show or a movie where a major studio had to get behind the project and waste tons of money on it leaving you to wonder why it made it that far. But this is the internet. Any "dickbag" with a camera can post videos on You Tube and lots of them do.

Also, the Lost finale made you so emotional that you wished for the critics death? Really? I'd get some counseling and some medication if I were you.

Seriously I would. I know its cliche to say "You need help" in an internet debate, but I mean it. Get some help please for your own sake.
  • EddieValiant,Jr.
  • 1st Jun 10
Hold back on the poison, will ya? Matthew raises some very good points on most of his reviews, and just because he tends to lose his temper, is ignorant about certain subjects, and criticizes things that you personally like (and he's done it to me, too) doesn't mean he's a "narcissistic dickbag." He's a critic. Critics are supposed to critique and criticize. Get off his case for doing his job, which in this case consists entirely of stating his opinion and trying to convince an audience to see things his way.
  • Phrederic
  • 1st Jun 10
@Eddie Valient,Jr. I would disagree, to be a critic one only needs to state their opinion, to be a good critic one needs to provide actual reasons for their criticism and hold do a modicum of research to avoid the really obvious pitfalls. He could get away for doing a poor job, but we as an audience expect more, we expect research, we expect reasons, we expect them to be somewhat impartial, Matthew doesn't really achieve these things.

And I think it's somewhat funny that you criticize our criticism with this line.

"Get off his case for doing his job, which in this case consists entirely of stating his opinion and trying to convince an audience to see things his way"

You do realize how hypocritical that is, right?
  • iwintheinternets?
  • 3rd Jun 10
@gibberingtroper: The finale of Lost was beautiful, don't you dare speak bad 'bout it, boy.
  • ILoveDogs
  • 28th Jun 10
  • gibberingtroper
  • 1st Jul 10

I liked the Lost finale too, but TV should not matter enough to you to make you that angry.
  • 11th Dec 10
I smell nerd rage.
  • Erzengel
  • 18th Apr 12
"iwintheinternets?", your post, not to mention your very name, sure makes you sound like a "loathsome" individual with "delusions of importance". So congratulations on being a hypocrite.

confusedmatthew does his reviews to entertain. If you are entertained for any reason, even if it's because you're entertained by how much of a "dickbag" he is, then he's actually done his job.

In all, I find your review brimming with more vitriol than confusedmatthew has ever mustered within his reviews. So again, congratulations for your incredible levels of hypocrisy.
  • Munchable
  • 15th Jun 12
"I dislike most anime myself, but even I cannot see what the hell he's trying to prove in his Spirited Away review. "

He wasn't trying to prove anything.It was A - REQUESTED - REVIEW. He has said himself that if he had watched it and it had not been requested, he would have disliked it but kept silent about it.

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