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Reviews Comments: Serious Contender for GOTY The Walking Dead game review by Bio Yu Gi

I mean it.

This game is a great example of storytelling, not just in games but I think for all media. First off, all the characters are very well-developed. no two characters seem similar and nobody feels like they were an afterthought, each person is implemented in the story in a unique way. And your thoughts on characters will shift throughout the story. Characters you like you may grow to distrust and annoying characters will endear themselves to you. This isn't even getting into the main two characters. Lee is a realistic badass who can make any decision he makes seem like it fits his personality, as they give good reasons and explanations for his actions. He can be either nurturing, cold, a good leader, or a hypocrite, but it always seems to flow naturally. And then there's Clementine. Oh my god this is the sweetest little girl that's ever been invented. It's so ridiculously hard to dislike her, and whether you start the game thinking "I'm gonna help everyone" or "I'm only gonna help me", you're gonna get attached to her.

That's not to say there aren't some problems with the game. There can be quite a few graphical errors and weird twitching motions. Christa for example has a bad case of having black lines randomly hovering over her body. And I've had more than a few difficulties with loading saves correctly, or times where the game didn't seem to import a choice. And there's a choice you make in episode 1 that characters will not take to mean what you intended, and that's annoying.

But, the best part of this game is obviously the story. It's incredible. Each episode is self-contained and typically ends on a cliffhanger, but now that they're all out I doubt anyone will want to wait to continue after finishing an episode. You get a lot of decisions to make and a lot of choices, and the timer is a great effect, but it has been done before, and being able to pause it by opening the xbox guide is kinda cheap so don't do that. But, either way you'll be thinking a lot over decisions in this game and seeing how they impact you later. And as the game continues, you'll find yourself seriously getting into the characters. And yes, I did cry, multiple times throughout the game. It's awesome.


  • Wackd
  • 1st Dec 12
So...what you're saying is it's better than the show.
  • luomo
  • 3rd Dec 12
Clementine was a flaw in my book. I would have preferred a little girl that actually acted somewhat like a little girl. Little kids act more like Duck. It was impossible to dislike her because she never did anything unlikeable.
  • BioYuGi
  • 7th Dec 12
I thought she perfectly acted like a little girl. She was reasonably freaked out, but as the trauma piled around her she got colder but still grew severely attached to the only parental figure she had left. Plus, there are still tons of events where she acts like a girl, especially during Act 4 and 5, where she finally breaks down emotionally and really cries.

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