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Reviews Comments: Greatest. Game. Ever. Chrono Trigger game review by protomanx

Everything about Chrono Trigger is excellent, from the music to the visuals, to the EXTREMELY unique gameplay (Hell, it introduced the new game + feature), to the characters, to the plot, to the bosses, etc. Just the whole concept of the game is a nerd's wet dream, with music by Nobou Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda, art by Akira Toriyama, Yuji Horii was the scenario writer, and the game is designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Truly the greatest dream team ever assembled in the realm of video games.

Get it on the Wii VC, get it on DS, get it on emulator, (if you are REALLY patient and don't mind loading times much) get it on PSN, and if you're a real hardcore fan like me, get it on SNES. Funny story: I actually have owned the SNES cartridge since day 1. That's how cool I am 8)

Also, the only possible problem this game could have is the fact that it's kind of short for an RPG, but that's made up for because 1) You'll NEVER have to level grind and 2) If you use new game+, you could get about FIFTEEN EXTRA ENDINGS. This is truly an even better game than even the likes of Final Fantasy 6, Megaman X, Link to the Past, Earthbound and Super Metroid; I give it an 11/10.


  • Lomerell
  • 7th Dec 12
Recently replayed Chrono Trigger on the DS, and while Portal2 is my favorite game "ever," I was astounded by the depth and complexity in Chrono Trigger. And yes, you're right, everything from music to mechanics is superbly handled, /gushgush.

I found myself going everywhere for more lore which is the mark of a rich mythology.
  • doctrainAUM
  • 7th Dec 12
I do remember level grinding on a couple spots, mostly to make an upcoming boss go a bit easier. Otherwise, you're right. This is perhaps the best SNES RPG released in America and it was followed by the greatest PS 1 RPG I ever played. A win-win combo of a series.

Also, a Satellaview game, but nobody seems to really count it.
  • protomanx
  • 7th Dec 12
I liked Radical Dreamers, though. Notice I didn't mention Chrono Cross either? Tell you what though; I think I'll review those games next :)
  • doctrainAUM
  • 7th Dec 12
Now I'm wondering if I'm the only person on this site who considers Chrono Cross an Even Better Sequel...
  • Tiroth
  • 19th Feb 13
  • Bastard1
  • 30th Sep 14
CAPITALIZING random words does not make your review sound INTELLIGENT in any way. And I hate the kind of posturing condescension implied by stuff like "you're only a true fan if you own the original SNES cartridge which costs an arm and a leg these days".

Simply put, I commend your for your passion and things but this review could really do with an overhaul so as not to make you seem like a twelve year old.

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