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Reviews Comments: Calamity Trigger Blaz Blue game review by Mokona Zero

Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger is a fun fighting game, as expected from a Guilty Gear style game. The action is fast paced, the characters are all unique, and the music is pretty epic. There are a few flaws in the game, like a small character roaster, and a somewhat confusing story line. Unfortunately, the AI is at best Unskilled But Strong. Using Unlimited characters, the game increases the difficulty, yet it feels like you're fighting an overpowered beginner. Thanks to Rule Of Cool even if you don't understand the story you can still have a grand old time playing it.

The animation for cut scenes is decent, and you'll find yourself shouting "Hell yeah!" as characters like Ragna show how badass they are. Each character, has a good amount of depth in both their backstory and fighting style. You may also have some fun with the gallery, where you can listen to the English and Japanese voices, and view artwork.

I highly recommend playing it for any Guilty Gear fan, or if you just love cool stuff.


  • Scardoll
  • 25th Nov 12
-A tip from a fan-

One of the main problems with CT is how unbalanced the cast is. Tager is horrible, while Arakune and V-13 can cruise at top-tier with very little skill. Also, the online servers are empty because it's the oldest version of the game.

Get the newest Blazblue console version (Continuum Shift 2) or wait for Chrono Phantasma if you want to avoid those problems.
  • doctrainAUM
  • 25th Nov 12
I never played Continuum Shift but I heard from many that Rachel is borderline unplayable in that game. That would be a shame, since I enjoyed playing as her in Trigger, despite the fairly steep learning curve in doing so. If she's improved or fun to play in Continuum Shift 2, I might actually consider getting it.
  • MokonaZero
  • 26th Nov 12
It's true CT was pretty unbalanced. Tager is difficult to play as unless you spam his throw attacks. I bought CS a few days ago, and it seems to have fixed some of the balancing problems.

  • marcellX
  • 26th Nov 12
well balance is a hard issue to fix on this kind of games that strive in the difference in styles of each character.

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