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Reviews Comments: Definitely A Fun Show My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic whole series review by Peteman

This series is definitely a lot of fun with interesting main and side characters, fun episodic plots, and an engaged fandom putting out interesting side material at a rate that most series could only dream at. This series might be a little overhyped, but that's only because of the sheer magnitude of hype that has been generated. The animation is enjoyable, and the show definitely earned its periphery fandom.

I have three big gripes, though.

One: The fandom can be a bit too rabid. I find the Fridge sections filled out with every little quibble that could supposedly form a connection (or writing stuff that is explicitly stated in-show making the "Fridge" part indicate they weren't paying attention), every minor action heartwarming, awesome, tearjerking, nightmare fuel-inducing, or funny, every minor moment of confusion being turned into a Dethroning Moment of Suck.

Two: The heroes routinely get away with behavior that would be considered destructive and criminal in most cases, and massively jerkish in most other situations. I get that they're supposed to be national heroines, but I would like to see that being presented as the reason people put up with their mischief when they get out of hand, combined with certain quiet points of resentment by people who get steam-rolled.

Three: The depiction of jerk-level antagonists, characters who are meant to stir conflict by being jerks (Gilda, Trixie, Prince Blueblood, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, etc). Maybe I've read too many of Limyaael's fantasy rants, but I hate characters who solely exist to make another character look good. It's boring, and cliche, and a wasted opportunity on a series that gets touted as having multifaceted characters even though I'm getting characters that I can charitably call two-dimensional. As a result, I don't look forward to episodes that prominently include them because I feel the writers are just passive-aggressively dealing with their issues from elementary and high schools.

Still, once I get past that, I definitely recommend people this show, though I am not enough of a fan to openly admit it in real life.


  • kimba90
  • 23rd Nov 12
  1. 1: Totally agree with you. As much I love the fandom for what it creates (the fanarts and fanfics, the home-made musics, Fallout: Equestria fandom, the funny Tumbrls etc.), some members can be very unpleasant at times (though this is a problem with many big fandoms).

  2. 2: Meh, it come and goes: most of the times the series does at least implies that the girls are doing it wrong, though they didn't suffer any social rupercussion at the end (either because Hilarity Ensues most of the time, or because ponies are generally a race very prone to forgiveness: personally, I prefer the latter option). In most episodes, however, the protagonists recognize their errors and tries to atone.

  3. 3: Again, totally agree here. While it's justified with Gilda and Trixie, who appeared in only one episode, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon don't have this excuse. I'm not asking for Heel Face Turn, I'm aking about giving them at least some good traits (even minors), instead of representing them as jerks all the freakin' time their on screen.
  • ThornSeal
  • 24th Feb 13
Well, Silver Spoon kind of flip-flops between being a jerk and being a somewhat nice times.
  • MsCC93
  • 28th Feb 13
^^^^ Silver Spoon never acts nice...her clapping to Granny Smith is a Pet The Dog moment...
  • DracoDei
  • 2nd Mar 13
Agreed on "Prone to Forgiveness".

What is the difference between acting nice at one point and a Pet the Dog moment? The second would seem to be a subset or identical to the first.
  • MsCC93
  • 29th Jul 13
^Villains doing something nice is Pet Thedog, while jerks who have a nice side is Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.

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