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Reviews Comments: Great Series Last Exile whole series review by Va E

A very well done scifi anime that at the same time feels like a period piece. Large amounts of scenery and costume porn

Artwork and Animation: Superb, the best of GONZO with character design by Range Murata

Music: Equally superb, unique combination of classical and electronica

Voice Acting: Superb as well, English and Japanese dubs are both quite good, with experienced V As

Writing and Plot: Trouble with pacing at times, dialogue is sometimes narmful.

Originality: Chock full of tropes, for better or worse. General plot is somewhat unique, execution is what sets it apart.

Notes: Though the art is done very well, there are scenes in which 3D renderings are used, they look wonderfully done most of the time, though there are a few scenes where the 3D looks jarring.

Personally the show seems a bit short.

(fairly) Happy Ending/ No Ecchi/ Romance present (fairly well executed)/ Memorable Characters/ Cosplayable for the most part/ 70% Drama 30% comedy/ Manuel Needed for full understanding/ Not very Mainstream/ Fair sized line of products/ Few if any shoutouts


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