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Reviews Comments: Planet Sheen: A Scrapper Of A Series(In all the wrong ways) Planet Sheen whole series review by Ninetails 2000

When it was on, I enjoyed watching Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius And I'm sure a lot of others did. When a sequel was announced, I was overjoyed. Then I discovered that it was Planet Sheen...and face-palmed.

In Jimmy Neutron, Sheen was a supporting character who's duty it was to inject wackiness into the plot. He was the cuckolander who played off of Jimmy's intelligence to add some humorous contrast. When put into the spotlight of episodes, it usually involves him overcoming his goofiness and becoming a powerful and helpful goofball. Planet Sheen, by theory, should build up from that right?....No.

The big problem with Planet Sheen is that Sheen's ridiculousness is played seriously in-series. He's still the confused goofball we know, but everyone around him follows his every word as undeniable fact. Because there isn't a Jimmy there to act as the brain, Sheen ends up coming off as a frustratingly obnoxious Ted Baxter who's intelligence would only barely allow him to run a taco stand, let alone be ambassador of Earth. The only characters in the entire series who see Sheen in the wrong are the main antagonist Dorkus Arelius and a quite literal butt-monkey, Nesmith who, for all intents and purposes, should be held in higher regard than Sheen, as he's been there longer.

A episode of this show basically consist of Sheen using his warped logic to push himself up while pushing his friends down, engaging in situations that he has absolutely NO logical reason to be taking on and then blaming someone else when it inevitably blows up in his face. Because his bumbling more often then not solves the problem that he makes, he is hailed as a hero and a mighty warrior by everyone around him and the cycle continues.

Planet Sheen tries to cash in on a zany character, but ultimately fails to do so by taking away a big part of what made the character funny in the first place. Instead of continuing the adventures of this lovable goof, they turned him into a disgustingly self-centered brat who's only move is to come up with nonsense and then blame others for problems he makes.


  • Patworx
  • 13th Nov 12
I watched a couple of episodes, and it just isn't that funny.
  • JamesPicard
  • 11th Feb 14
You've completely nailed my thoughts on this show. Sheen can't carry a show by himself, he's a side character and that's all he should be.
  • RyRodrigo
  • 10th Aug 14
I'd have to agree. Sheen shone as a side character, and he just doesn't have the potential to carry a show by himself. Just like Fanboy and Chum Chum, this is what happens when you try to give the annoying sidekicks their own show.

Also, nailed it on the 'blame others from problems he makes'. That's another thing that destroyed the character for me.
  • TT454
  • 11th Aug 14
I enjoyed JN:BG as a kid. This does sound pretty bad. I was never too big on Sheen, I always thought Carl was much funnier. FOLDING AND HANGING.

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