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Reviews Comments: Disappointing Red Thrush Private School fanfic review by omegaman

This is not a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic, or rather, it is one in name only. The characters' personalities, at best, only superficially resemble those in the show. Probably because, with the exception of Rainbow Dash, most of the Mane Cast barely play a role (Pinkie Pie and Rarity get a bit more "screen time", but hardly enough to truly flesh them out). At worst, their personalities have been completely displaced by a new one. The worse case is Rainbow Dash, as she is the other main character in the fic. I would call her flanderized, but that implies that her basic qualities and traits were exaggerated and distorted; instead, she gets a personality transplant. Rainbow Dash is completely unrecognizable, having been turned into a jealous Type A Tsundere. She has been almost completely defined by her relationship with the unnamed guy character. After years of separation, she only just becomes reacquainted with him when she falls in love with him in less than 24 hours. Not just a "he's kind of cute" sentiment, or a crush, but head-over-heels love, complete with extreme jealously when he flirts with other girls and extreme possessiveness. As a typical tsundere, she is too shy/proud to admit her feelings, and treats him abrasively and with vitriol, even smacking him around. While the canon Rainbow Dash is not as given to open displays of affection when compared to the rest of the girls, she's not a tsundere. She is open about her feelings towards her friends, and does engage in some acts of PDA. She is more given to violence then the other girls, but only in defense of herself or others (Nighmare Moon, dragon, Discord, Flim & Flam, Trixie), not because she's pissy or angry. While more abrasive than the other girls, she actually doesn't engage in vitriolic, friendly insulting banter, save with perhaps Applejack. Athletics and daredevil stunts are important to her, but only the latter is mentioned briefly in Red Thrush, in one sentence out of nine paragraphs. There is no indication they are her passion and lifelong dream as in the show. Most egregiously, her Undying Loyalty is non-existent. Despite being superficially self-centered, Rainbow embodies selflessness, putting other before her well-being and even her dreams. This completely missing in this story.


  • delaharl
  • 21st Jan 13
I'm just surprised this is actually recommended. I thought this place was supposed to feature Fan Fics that are 'worth reading'. Stereotypical cast that goes OOC, absolutely nothing going on... and people think its 'worth reading'?

Disappointed is a mild word to describe my feelings.

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