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Reviews Comments: Funny Johnny Bravo whole series review by Ms CC 93

Normally, I don't agree with the Double Standard Abuse Female On Male they have on the show, I found the abuse inflicted on him hilarious sometimes since he was a jerk. There are other likable characters like Bunny bravo, Carl, Suzy, etc. The show is hilarious


  • retroscenery
  • 18th Nov 12
I hate to be one of those, but Johhny Bravo's actions towards women in the show can basically be classified as sexual harassment. It's up to debate as to whether sexual harassment should be turned into a comedy show, especially marketed for children, but I at least appreciate that the women on the show weren't portrayed as passive or accepting of Johnny's behavior. At least the writers did a good job of showing that Johnny Bravo is a narcissistic moron with no respect for women instead of making Johnny Bravo's behavior seem appropriate or respectful. Sure, Johnny's character was meant to be sympathetic, but only because he was so socially lacking, narcissistic and stupid that he sincerely didn't know what he was doing, so it's not exactly his harassment towards women that makes him sympathetic but his overall stupidity and oblivion to how much of a jerk he actually is towards them. At least Johnny is clearly a jerk and fans of the show know he's a jerk. I personally find that the violence directed towards him by the women he harasses is not only deserved, but it clearly demonstrates that as sympathetic of a character he is, he still is a huge jerk with a horrible attitude towards women. I don't think there is really any other way the show could have demonstrated this point so I feel the trope was justified. It's really the only time I think the double standard abuse female on male trope really worked or is well deserved or justified. You could argue the women are defending themselves. YMMV of course, but it's how I see it.

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