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Reviews Comments: A long running epic that is worth every second of your life you will spend reading it! The New Trials Of Card Captor Sakura fanfic review by selenityshiroi

I've been following this fanfic almost as long as it's been going (going on 13 years) and it really is worth the vast amounts of time it will take to read! The beginning does show the author's age at the time of writing, and she's aware of this and has begun to rewrite the early chapters. But it really grows into itself as the author grows into her writing and the story gets more fleshed out, more complex and more brilliant as it goes. The characters, new and old, are wonderfully done and the antagonists are multi dimensional and far from boring. The ongoing status may put some readers off, especially since it's been ongoing for so long, but the author is very devoted to completing this fic and every update is worth the wait. Current chapters may come out once or twice a year but they tend to be tens of thousand of words long. I find it difficult to be unbiased about this fic, since I've been following it so long, but I really do think it's a wonderful read and can't recommend it enough.


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