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Animation Quality

I have to say the production really outdid themselves. The scenes look incredible and the action is very fluid. The details are fully crafted and the vivid colors look very pleasing. The designs are a refreshing update to the modern era of super heroes. For itís time, I feel this was a fine tuned work, and was overall very well put together.

Voice Acting and Sound

This is yet another area where I felt they just did a great job.

Entertainment Level

I was very pleased watching the show as it progressed, it kept a steady pace and great sense of continuity. The battle sequences were never sparse, and the show just kept adding more and more spectacle.

Plot Analysis:

I canít say the way it ended was truly satisfying; however, the final episode was a highly dramatic conclusion. I also find it rather insufficient that the show didnít completely reveal who Teelaís real father was or reunite her with her mother. Same can be said of Evil Lynneís origin as regards to her loyalty to Skeletor. As for our main character Prince Adam, Iím really not sure where his character arc was going or that it went anywhere at all. Unfortunately this is pretty much the norm when it comes to serialized fiction, where everything depends on maintaining the status quo.

Overall the writing provided much needed detail and depth to the characters and world and for that I applaud the effort.

Final Opinion:

The show really raised the stakes and increased my expectations for great action cartoons in the 21st century. It also gave me a huge appreciation for the original creation and made me a much greater fan of the franchise. I really wish to see more adventures of He-Man and the rest of the Masters of the universe in the near future.

This show was a major love song to all the fans and developers of the franchise and it was a crying shame that it ended so soon.

The action was intense, the adventures took us to amazing places and led us to big discoveries, and the characters were absolutely sincere and memorable.

It gave us all a reason to stand up on our couch and say the immortal words of the legendary hero ďI have the powwwerrrr !Ē


  • LitleWiggle
  • 11th Nov 13
I have to agree (Though I feel the fight scenes in the pilot were a bit hard to follow due to too many camera angle switches) and this is one of my favorite shows. I'm so sad the series was never able to continue, especially since it would have had the triumphant return to prominence for the Evil Warriors. The character designs were fantastic, especially some of the redesigns like Count Marzo and Evil Seed.

Even completely original characters like Lord Dactys or Chief Carnivus were pretty sweet.

My only real complaint is that some of the Masters weren't really fleshed out enough, but I can live with that.

By the way, is it just me, or does the Mot U fandom seem a bit more open to change than say, Transfans?

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