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Reviews Comments: Pretty Good The Looney Tunes Show whole series review by frogwidget

Don't expect old-school Warner Bros. here because you won't get it. However, Looney Tunes Show is actually... entertaining. Imagine Seinfeld meets Bugs Bunny and you have the basic idea.

The humor doesn't come from zany hijinks or slapstick comedy (although there are a few here and there) but from seeing Bugs, Daffy, and everyone else in a number of trope-heavy sitcom scenarios. Two "friends" on a game show? Yep. High school reunion? That too.

It's very much hit or miss depending on your idea of comedy but it definitely puts a brand new spin on Looney Tunes while still having plenty of funny, absurd moments.


  • Shota
  • 23rd Oct 12
Main character going "Bad"? Check.
  • AliceMacher
  • 23rd Oct 12
I'm glad I read the work page here for the series (with spoiler markup on) before watching the series, so that I was indeed aware it was a Sit Com, not a Zany Cartoon writ large. And as a Sit Com, I agree; it works well. Doing the Wile E./Road Runner sequences in CGI was an inspired idea, in that the 3-D animation allows for more original and gripping scenarios than that pair's old shorts, which tended to repeat the same gags ad nauseum after the first few cartoons had established the formula. The one major criticism I have of the show is that most of the Merrie Melodies music-video segments have been uninspired attempts at making the classic characters "trendy" with robo-synth-pop settings and weak lyrics. If, in the forthcoming season, the writers and animators can offer less of those and more segments like the clever and brilliantly-animated Daffy Duck the Wizard, I won't have to hit "fast forward" as often. Otherwise, looking forward to the second season.
  • AliceMacher
  • 24th Oct 12
Update: According to The Other Wiki, "As of this season, the CGI Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons have been discontinued." Boo. (Or "yay," for those who didn't like them. Me, I wish they'd axed the Merrie Melodies segments if they had to axe something.)

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