Reviews Comments: Sigh... I have to confess something to you, tropers: I don't like this.

Sigh... I have to confess something to you, tropers: I don't like this.
Yes, you heard that right: I didn't like this. Not only the everywhere-hated movie adaptation which I didn't watch, but the original comic by Alan Moore.

The graphics are simply ugly; the sex scenes are pure Fan Disservice; the plot might be intricated, but has one big problem: The Black And Gray Morality is so close to Black And Black Morality that Darkness Induced Audience Apathy claimed me.

And the main strength of the comic (at least, as others are saying), the millions of Shout Outs to Victorian literature? Meh. Maybe looking for hints in the panels would be more fun if the art wasn't so ugly, and the characters so revulsing, which makes looking for them like wading through shit. Even so, it feels like a cheap shtick: Hey look, Alice starved because her body's mirror-reversed! (Couldn't she have fixed that by returning to the Looking Glass world?) Hey look, Pollyanna gets raped! — The phrase of "canon rape" rarely was as appropriate as here, indeed. Easter Eggs? If those eggs were filled with blood, razors or something even more unpleasant, then yes.

No - if there is a lesson to learn from LOEG, it's that few Fan Fics are good, even more so if we're talking about crossovers. No matter who writes them.


I personally only really liked Volume 2. And even then only because I like Mr. Hyde. Volume 1 was pretty much Meh-ish to me.

I agree about the sec scenes, because I really disliked the Art style. That, and they were so awkwardly shoved in just for the sake of having them.... Not to mention when Moore decides to randomly screw up a characters original personality because he didn't like them (James Bond being the absolute worst.)

And then there was the crime against literature that was Volume 3
comment #18511 LitleWiggle 17th Mar 13
I've always found "You are all gonna hate me for calmly stating my opinion" to be the most offensive thing a reviewer could do.

I also think that crossovers can be very good, if done with love for the source material. I've seen plenty of those.
comment #18513 doctrainAUM 17th Mar 13
I'm glad to learn that I'm not the only one. I disliked it too, for very much the same reasons.

Although the lesson I take from LOEG is "Darker And Edgier is rarely good, and almost never good when Turned Up To Eleven."
comment #18798 sablesword 7th Apr 13
Agree with the review and sableword. All the characters from fiction lumped together? Yeah, that sounds like a cool concept. All the characters from fiction are hardcore pervert versions of themselves? Not so much.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Victorian horror/adventure literature is that much of the violence and perversion is left out of the picture. As it was considered too taboo to discuss these issues openly, they were left to the imagination of the reader (like what Mr Hyde got up to in his spare time). Moore completely fails to capture this essence, killing all the nuance and showing way more unpleasantness than ever implied by the books.
comment #18829 maninahat 9th Apr 13

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