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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a movie about robots fighting each other. If that doesn't sound exciting to you, then don't watch it, because there isn't much else in the movie.

The characters are not so much stiff as non-existent; you could have switched Shia Le Beouf for Morgan Freeman, or Megan Fox for Carol Channing, or Shia Le Beouf for Megan Fox, and there would have been no difference. The events of the film are an Excuse Plot used to string together more robot fights: something about a robot named The Fallen who, guess what, wants revenge. (He's the bad guy, donchakno.) And there's Those Two Guys who, according to Word Of God, are supposed to be white people pretending to be black, but, because they're robots and colored bright green and purple, we can't tell that, and they come across as racist stereotypes. Good try, but, didn't think this through.

Now, the robot fights are pretty freaking cool. The CGI is incredible, the robots look very convincing, and it's Michael Bay, so you know there are going to be some killer explosions. But, if you're not into that sort of thing, you won't care much... and, unfortunately, that's really the only thing the movie does. Well, that and the potty humor. If you're twelve, you'll enjoy it. But if you're older—say, thirteen—you'll probably roll your eyes.


  • Ayries
  • 21st Mar 10
Apart from not mentioning that they actually tried to have a plot and failed at some point, leaving behind more a confusing mess than a total void, this pretty much sums up my entire view of this movie.

(The robot fights make it worth it.)
  • CP/FMfan
  • 7th Aug 10
In my opinion the robot fights are terible. I couldn't even tell what was happening since almost all the robots are the same color and just a big mess of wires, gears, cogs, guns etc. It looks like someone just smashed up a TV and rolled it down a hill with a bunch of scrap metal, thats all I saw in those scenes.
  • 7th Aug 10
In my opinion, the fights were awesome. I had absolutely no trouble seeing what was going on and making out what robots were what, so I'm not sure what your problem was.
  • slvstrChung
  • 9th Aug 10
My hunch is that you're just lucky enough to have better eyes than us. I've wanted for a long time to launch a trope about Too Much Pretty, inspired by my experiences in Super Smash Bros Brawl where I couldn't find my character because the stage was too visually loud.

As a writer, I will defend to the death Michael Bay's right to make artistic decisions about what his movie should be like. He decided that he wanted intense action sequences that verge on being too visually complex to comprehend. That is his choice. The only thing I can do is remind him that every artistic decision both gains you a new demographic and knocks off part of the existing one. In this case, the part he knocked off was, "Anybody who can't see too good." Personally, I don't think he should be okay with that. But that's just my opinion... and, frankly, I'm the last person he should be worried about pleasing. The audience always is.

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