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Reviews Comments: Warning: Fanboy butthurt incoming Tribe Twelve whole series review by The Talking Toaster

Having watched all of the "Big Three," and reading Can You See The Words + Just Another Fool, I have to ask: What is with the Marble Hornets comparisons? Because this is definitely one of the higher quality SM series. It's certainly better MH, which is good, but can be quite conceited at times (certainly more so than Tribe Twelve), particularly with regard to the acting, and its FX could easily give both Everyman HYBRID & MH a run for their money. The plot of TT (like EMH) is also more interesting than MH, IMO, investing heavily in backstory that is both intriguing and surprising, whereas MH is kind of just random shit happening.

Whilst it obviously borrows from MH in places, what SM vlog doesn't? Many of MH's originally unique contributions are now just standard parts of the mythos; public domain. Calling it an MH copy simply because of this would therefore be unfair, especially when you consider that it adds its own twists, and emphasises elements of the mythos that are very much lacking in the other two vlogs (the tentacles, a different symbol, the connection to water*, the collective, the order etc.).

Overall, I think TT is a brilliant but underrated series. Next to EMH, this is my favourite of all the SM vlogs, and I feel its membership as one of the Big Three is well-deserved. Sure, MH was a trailblazer in the early days, but now ... less so. Get over it.

(*'Course, I suppose you could argue that Can You See The Words counts as EMH's contribution to this aspect, but that's up to personal opinion, since it's not present in the main vlog.)


  • Hyrin
  • 27th Dec 12
The MH comparisons come from the fact that, as the creator himself said, TT was intended to be a tribute to MH, and spun off from that premise into what it has become. And, as you said, every series in the Mythos derives a good portion of their plot elements from MH, in tribute if not directly referenced/copied.

And while TT is good in its own way, there is no need to trample other stories in the Mythos. Comments like "Get over it" do little more than invite a flame war, which is something that none of us really want to have here. We're all one big Slendy fearing family, so let's just all get along.

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