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Reviews Comments: Bewitched: A brilliant comedy no matter what the era. Bewitched whole series review by FO Pfan

I have been recently watching episodes of Bewitched and I can honestly say it is hilarious even today. Elizabeth Montgomery's portrayal of Samantha Stevens is very charming. Despite the Values Dissonance of the 1960's, it is not quite as offensive as it is sometimes accused of. The entire point of the series was showing a witch living life in a mortal world, and in 1960's America, that meant the man as the breadwinner and the woman as the housewife. Also, as stated on main page, Darrin's hatred of witchcraft was not merely the result of bigotry. Darrin was actually KILLED by Maurice through witchcraft. However, Samantha did persuade her father to bring him back to life. It is probably safe to say that this left a very bad taste in his mouth concerning magic. Not to mention the fact that Darrin was often the victim of Samantha's relatives magical powers. The strongest point, though, is Darrin did stay faithful to Samantha. This charm, and devotion of the two main characters is by far one of best things of the series.


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