Reviews Comments: An unusual but worthwhile read

An unusual but worthwhile read
Basically, Shinji comes back from his month in the LCL in his mother's body. Inbetween Shinji coming out and people realizing that it's Shinji in Yui's body, Rei is told that Yui is her biological mother. Her reaction is rather extreme: sharing a futon with Shinji, becoming highly overprotective of her 'mother', and trying to set her up with at least half a dozen different women. Shinji struggles to cope with not only being a woman and a decade older than before, but also the NERV crew's different attitudes towards him/her. Meanwhile Asuka can barely intereact with shinji without her Berserk Button regarding her own mother being pressed and everyone at NERV besides Gendo (who's furious) and Fuyutsuki (who still see's Shinji as Shinji) is suffering from a combination of Even The Girls Want Her and Stupid Sexy Yui.


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