Reviews Comments: Okay rip-off of "The End Of Time"

Okay rip-off of "The End Of Time"
First things first, Transformers Dark of the Moon is an okay film with an average soundtrack. What gets on my nerves is why Michael Bay felt that he had to steal the plot of David Tennant's last Doctor Who episode and make is more Transformers-ish


I don't think he was stealing the plot of "The End of time". At all.

Besides, "The End of Time" wasn't a very good story anyway.
comment #16298 Scardoll 27th Sep 12
You mean a plot where the bad guys take over and the heroes have to sneak in to fight them? There's a LOT before End of Time. See War of the Worlds, Independance Day, Mars Attacks, and dozens of other stories.
comment #16299 fenrisulfur 27th Sep 12
Also, don't write a review for the sake of a single bullet point. That makes for a terrible review. If that's everything you can say about the movie, you might as well not bother.
comment #16300 maninahat 28th Sep 12
It would be useful if you explained why you thought the movie was a rip off of The End of Time.

The End of Time is terrible anyway.
comment #16301 PurpleDalek 28th Sep 12
It wasn't exactly gold, but it was decent. I preferred "The Waters Of Mars" myself.
comment #16302 MrMallard 28th Sep 12
"The Waters of Mars" was an awesome Doctor Who special that explored new things like why the Doctor does not just fix everything using his time travel.

"The End of Time" had one of the worst lines ever uttered in the show and ruined a perfectly decent Master plot for the sake of shoving in EPIC TIME LORDS!!!1!!1
comment #16306 Scardoll 28th Sep 12

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