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This is one of the most annoying cartoons that I've seen in my whole life.

In every single scene from this series, the characters are either screaming or making some unfunny statement. None of the characters were remotely likable or interesting. For me, the "good guys" from this series were even more irritating than the villains, being very hard for me to care about them. The animation from this series it's pretty bad, with very ugly and unappealing designs, but that's a minor flaw considering how annoying are the characters and how unfunny were every single one of the gags from this series.

T.U.F.F. Puppy is a terrible TV show, without any redeeming value.


comment #18332 Tropesofknowledge 26th Feb 13
comment #27071 Grobi 25th Nov 14
Is there any reason why this review was flagged? Just wondering.
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