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Oh geez. This took a lot of trimming to get it to the limit. I hope it won't be against the rules if I post a longer version somewhere on my blog later and link to it in the comments?
comment #16231 Korodzik 23rd Sep 12
Shouldn't be against the rules. No.
comment #16236 CodyMacArthurFett 23rd Sep 12
I'm not sure I agree with the glorified view of same sex marriages. There's Lyra, whose relationship ended badly. DJ's doctor's sister, who committed suicide. And (Marcy?)'s cousin, who has to hide his relationship. All in all, I think gay couples in the series have it pretty rough. On the other hand, I also wonder what the author's thoughts on Author Appeal are, and if he plans to develop DJ's conservative leanings more.
comment #17196 ipaddressconflict 11th Dec 12
Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it's less "glorified" as in "shown to be appealing", and more in the moral approval dimension. I'm curious about the political/religious aspects of DJ's character, though I'm thinking that the author might be trying to avoid placing a lot of emphasis on them, lest he alienate the non-conservative part of the audience.
comment #17330 Korodzik 18th Dec 12

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