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Reviews Comments: The epitome of an exceptional webcomic. Lackadaisy whole series review by sabros 413

Oh, where do I begin. Lackadaisy, by Tracy J. Butler, is by far one of the most amazingly intricate, most memorable, well drawn webcomic on the internet. There is absolutely no doubt about those.

Art: Stunningly professional-level (especially in color). Even from the first page, you can tell Tracy is a brilliant artist. It goes through Art Evolution too, not that it needed it. Rendering of backgrounds, characters and other things are all fantastically detailed and appealing, with no mistakes at all. This is expected, since each page takes many hours to complete, which is what explains its notorious slow update rate (approx. trimonthly), though several pages are posted at a time.

Characters: Each character has lived their own life in Tracy's head. Their actions and dialogue are true to their personalities. Each character is highly distinct, with their own charm and uniqueness, and there is a favourite character for everyone. The relationships are complicated and realistic. They each have their own origin and their own story to tell. Also, agreeing with ilikedinos 123's review, you'd think that Rocky is a generic wacky-type character who is nothing but a Butt Monkey. Oh, would you be wrong.

Story: I don't want to spoil, so I'll say that it's a serious, yet very entertaining, plot. Everything happens for a reason (not "just because") and leads to another thing. And there are damn hilarious moments. Sidecomics between updates too!

Misc: I suppose a main reason for why Lackadaisy isn't a webcomic empire (like Penny Arcade), though it's still very popular, with good reason, is simply because it's not for everyone (also the aforementioned update rate). There are undoubtedly those who call it "boring". While these people would be wrong, the dialogue can sometimes become tedious for impatient people, as well as the usage of 1920's language, hence the glossary. But then again, the fanbase ranges from young to old. And yes the cast are anthro cats. But not fetish-y furries, oh no. They're the charming, Disney kind of cats. With guns. It is also incredibly true to its setting of Prohibition 1927, due to the extensive amount of research Tracy did.

Highly recommended.


  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 21st Sep 12
Thanks for the headsup, but now I've got to go through the agony of having such an amazing and gripping story update bit by bit. =D Easily the worst thing about comics

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