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Reviews Comments: Disappointing Cat Tales fanfic review by Kilgore Trout

There is a lot to like in Cat Tales, which is why the title of this review is "disappointing"; Chris Dee succeeded in raising my expectations of what was to come because she can write a great story when she wants to. Selina's show is funny, and Dee writes Catwoman, Batman, Nightwing, Alfred, and most of Batman's enemies very well.

So I was really enjoying this series a lot, but then I got to "Catfight", which left me very disappointed. I said that Dee can write great stories when she wants to, but here's the thing: writing a good story doesn't always seem to be her #1 priority. Her #1 priority in "Catfight" wasn't to write an awesome story with great characters, but to write a story that made one particular character—namely Talia al Ghul—look like a complete idiot and Selina's inferior in every way. This is because Dee hates Talia, as she mentions in a message to the fans on the Cat Tales website.

I could continue to read and like this series if that were the only time she did it, but according to the spoilers, it isn't. Talia isn't the only character to receive this treatment either, apparently.

In order for me to enjoy a story with a villain in it, the villain needs to be strong, needs to be threatening, needs to be intelligent. Talia as written by Dee is none of these things. She is only there to be humiliated by Selina. It's not even funny. It's just sad.

I find it ironic that Dee would write a Fix Fic after saying to herself "Hey, they're making Catwoman look awful! That's wrong!" (which it was) only to make Catwoman look awesome and then say to herself "Now I'm going to make these other characters look awful." So in fixing Catwoman she wrecked several other characters, on purpose. Wrecking characters is not cool. You'd think she would have learned from Frank Miller's mistakes, instead of repeating them with characters not named "Selina Kyle".

Whether or not you'll enjoy the series as a whole depends on how you feel about that sort of thing.


  • Reynard531
  • 21st Sep 12
I agree with you so much. I can agree with Chris setting out to write to bring a character back up who had had her rep maligned by Frank Miller, who is known for sexualizing every woman (except one 16 year old) he writes. I get that. But to lift one character up while degrading the characters of some other women characters by taking their worst traits and overblowing them until those flaws are ALL they are...well isn't that just hypocritical? Isn't that just what Frank Miller does, but in a different way?

Not to mention that those women, Talia and Diana (Diana being even worse IMO for the times she appears) are love interests for Batman. Die For Our Ship mentality is the only way to explain the poor, cliche characterization and that sort of thing is petty and the sort of thing a teenage girl does when she writes bad fanfic.

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