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Reviews Comments: Quality Commentaries Hellfire Commentaries whole series review by Kari Basinger

Hellfire Commentaries are not only entertaining, but also of the best quality and quite informative. Each member of the team is unique and lovable, and funny in his own way. It's these qualities that make Hellfire Commentaries a joy to watch!


  • BlackHawkOmega
  • 16th Mar 10
Hellfire-Commentaries is one of the best things on the internet (whether they think so or not). Every commentary is full of hilarity, and their overall entertaining.
  • 16th Mar 10
Hellfire Commentaries... to state the absolute least, is one of the greatest things in the entirety of the universe! Every commentary, whether Solo by N Tom 64, normal by N Tom 64 and another commentator, or Marathon by N Tom 64, Greatzombieron, and IR Tundra Boy, it's all funny.
  • WilliamWideWeb
  • 17th Mar 10
Not telling me what a hellfire commentary is was a bad idea.
  • Temascos
  • 18th Mar 10
As others have said, Hellfire Comms provide entertaining insight and opinions on games and movies (Depending on if you are watching on Blip or Youtube). I personally am not always one to watch those sort of things but something just clicks with these guys, so hats off to them. Series to view include the playthroughs of Brutal Legend, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic and the Black Knight, Ristar and Portal as well as Disaster Movie and Adventures Of Sharkboy and Lava Girl.

Click the links on the page, and see for yourself how the videos are like chocolate, you just keep coming back to it.
  • Wagstar
  • 3rd Jan 11
I love how you said all members are unique in their own way-because it's true. All commentaries are different, weither it's Kingdom Hearts (my first Hellfirecomms commentary that I watched,) to a movie, to a Sonic game, all of their videos are never boring and entertaining, (I believe their KH 2 playthrough is over 130 parts on Youtube, I'm not exactly sure but I think that's right. It might seem like a bore, but I watched the entire thing in a month. I was hooked. :D)

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