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Reviews Comments: The Special Snowflake of Female Purity Taylor Swift film/book review by Casual Banshee

Taylor Swift has often been lauded as an "ideal role model for young girls," presumably because she is A) white, B) the angelic combination of blonde hair and blue eyes, and C) chaste (at least, publicly). But the troubling aspect of Taylor's appeal as a "role model" is her song lyrics, which often involve unchecked slutshaming and hypocrisy, the former of which should definitely not be encouraged, especially not by other women.

Let's examine the lyrics of "You Belong With Me." Swift praises herself as morally superior to Girlfriend of the latest Boy she's obsessing over and demonizes her for her attire and activities. After all, Swift wears "T-Shirts" and "sneakers" and sits "in the bleachers." And this Girlfriend tart wears "high heels" and "short skirts." How dare she dress in a manner that draws attention to her body! Hasn't she learned from "Abigail" of Swift's "Fifteen" that once a teenage girl embraces her sexuality, she's damaged goods for the rest of her life?

Well, what can you expect from "a girl like that"?

Swift continues, bashing Girlfriend for being cheerleading captain and for arguing with Boyfriend about a joke. So this Girl has interests beyond romance, and she has opinions she's willing to stand by when she might have found humor rude or insensitive. Swift acts like it's horrible that Girlfriend isn't lapping up Boyfriend's every word. Swift probably would do so, judging by how her life that seems to revolve entirely around this one guy. Why is it a bad thing that Girlfriend has a backbone? The Girlfriend has a personality beyond her significant other, unlike Swift, whose primary goal is snagging this Boyfriend for herself.

Amusingly enough, the music video audience is supposed to hate Girlfriend for wearing a revealing red dress, which obviously makes her a total whore. But it's Swift who not only spends the song infatuated with another girl's boyfriend but eventually steals him away from Girlfriend. The best part is, Swift never seems to realize the irony of these circumstances.

Apparently, wearing stilettos and short skirts makes you a skank, but convincing a boy to leave his girlfriend for you is A-OK, so long as you wear a virginal white dress. Thanks for that lesson in the Madonna Whore Complex, Swift.


  • Spinosegnosaurus77
  • 23rd Sep 12
Err, that's actually a great essay, but it's terrible as an actual review.

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