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Reviews Comments: Fanfic Turned Anime. Romeo X Juliet whole series review by Immortalbear

The writers forgot the meaning of a tragedy. A tragedy is when a character has a doom brought upon themselves due to a flaw in their character. In the first play, Romeo caused many of the events in the play due to his hot-blooded actions. The Montagues and Capulet families hatred is little more than fuel for Romeo's blaze of rash actions. Juliet on the other hand is someone who wants to break her boring life with adventure. She is so caught up with the dramatization of her relationship that she is apathetic to her family's hardships. They caused their own demise but that is what makes it a great tragedy.

In the anime Romeo is a submissive shrew that's only flaw is being born into the wrong family. Juliet is hot-blooded but only in the most idealistic way. The dastardly Montagues are the evil characters and the Capulets are good. Romeo and Juliet's relationship try to fit the modern standard of a romance which is not only predictable and boring, but lacks the hormonal passion that made the original so famous. The ending is very tacky and while supposed to be sad, does not resemble a tragedy because the characters have nearly no actions in their own control.

The entire cast feels like a fangirl imagined a Shakesperen plot. Tybalt is now the smug anti-hero with a troubled past. Mercutio is the charmer that has daddy issues. Romeo is the now the shy, blushing, love interest that can't admit his feelings. Then there is Juliet who turns into this badass cross dresser that is also shy about love. These characters couldn't be interpreted further from the originals. The anime is a typhoon of cliches that massacres its source material to match a romanticized viewpoint from a media perspective and fulfill modern moral standards.

Fanfiction with a budget is still fanfiction.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 10th Sep 12
In that first paragraph, you forgot to mention the families tragedy in the original play, and their part in Romeo and Juliet's fate. You said yourself that they add fuel to Romeo's blaze of rash actions. The point Shakespeare was making with the Montagues and the Capulets was if they hadn't been so caught up in their stupid feud, not only would it be okay for Romeo and Juliet to start a relationship, but it would be supervised by their parents and families. In the end the fathers realize that had they not feuded in the first place, Mercutio, Tybault, Paris, Romeo, and Juliet would all be alive. What it all boils down to is that it was the Montagues and Capulets' own tragic flaw of feuding that led to that whole situation.

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