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Reviews Comments: First Season; Early charm to later convolution Sailor Moon season review by Ethereal Mutation

The first season (or, more accurately, series) of Sailor Moon, where it all begins. Watch as Usagi ascends into superheroics, gathers the team of destiny, and gets some vaguely shocking revelations about her true nature while fighting against the machinations of the Queen Beryl and her Dark Kingdom.

The first seven episodes before Usagi recruits any of the other senshi have kind of a cheesy charm to them. Maybe it's because Usagi's civilian life is actually plausible, with her just acting like an ordinary Japanese girl without the baggage she ends up gaining in later episodes. It actually even seems like her superhero identity is tertiary, what with having to be reminded by Luna to save anything. It makes her fangirling of Sailor V seem rather bizarre by comparison.

Right from the first episode, you will be introduced to the series' fondness for coincidence. Usagi is given hair clips that relay the distress of civilians, but they're quickly forgotten because Usagi apparently can't go to the mall without stumbling upon the Dark Kingdom's latest plot to drain civilians of energy. Indeed, there is almost no investigation required for the team because nearly everything comes to them.

The other recurring coincidence lies in Tuxedo Kamen. You will learn to expect that tossed rose somehow stopping everything so he can offer cryptic statements and a window of opportunity for Usagi to save the day. The series is shameless about it. In fact, it seems Usagi is incapable of really doing anything on her own. She either needs encouragement or a distraction before she can use her battle ending special attack. Perhaps she just can't remember to do it on her own?

Eventually, the highly foreshadowed backstory behind the events is explained in all of about one episode. Odds are pretty good you've had it spoiled already, but I still won't say anything. What I will say is that it uses a lot of pushbutton terms and arching themes involving destiny to hide the fact that it's ultimately pretty shallow. It also has the unfortunate effect of making the series less interesting. Proof that the mundane is often more interesting than the fantastic.

By the end, the series introduces way too many characters along with establishing a disdain for the mundane and an over-reliance on magic for everything. Make of it what you will.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 19th Jun 10
Really, the anime got worse and worse with each passing season. I think this was the best, despite it's flaws.
  • Rebochan
  • 20th Jun 10
Okay, you hate this show a lot. Why are you still spamming the reviews page to repeat that?

We get it. You hate it. Are you seriously going to write another three seasons of reviews to complain about it?
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 3rd Jul 10
Rebochan, reviews can be positive OR NEGATIVE. If he wants to give a bad review, he can do it.
  • Glowsquid
  • 3rd Jul 10
I think she's complaining more than this the 2nd (third?) review he makes of the exact same season.
  • Pata Hikari
  • 4th Jul 10
Holy crap man.

Let it go.

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