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Reviews Comments: Full of unnecessary and disappointing decisions Ben 10 Ultimate Alien whole series review by Khfan 429

Ultimate Alien serves as a disappointing reminder of how far Ben 10 has fallen since the original. Even the basic premise distinguishing it from Alien Force (the Ultimatrix) reeks of poor judgment and suggests whoever came up with it had a major obsession with Digimon... in a series where your main character is confirmed to have over one million forms, is there really any reason why he needs to be able to power up forms he already has rather than just giving him new ones?

Even adding new forms seems superfluous at this point, considering the fact that all of the new aliens have powers that are suspiciously similar to Ben's older forms. And yet, despite Ben allegedly getting all of his older forms back during the course of Ultimate Alien's run, he continues using these new unoriginal forms, denying the older fans a chance to see some of their childhood favorites. Perhaps the worst example of these new spotlight stealing aliens is Fasttrack, a blue-and-black alien with super speed. Sound familiar? That's probably because he sounds like old favorite XLR 8. Why couldn't they just use him? Who knows.

All in all, this series is a huge disappointment for people who liked the original series. Don't let the title sequence fool you; most of Ben's old forms do not appear.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 11th Sep 12
Heh. This review is all about alien forms. That's not even touching what really makes Ultimate Alien the steaming pile of shit that it is.
  • qtjinla15
  • 11th Sep 12
Both comment and review are biased and poorly thought out. We're suppose to take this whining at face value when you can't be bother to give evidence to support your views?
  • Khfan429
  • 28th Sep 12
How have I not given evidence? The Omnitrix allegedly contains over 1 million forms, so giving him powered-up versions of forms he's already got is nothing short of lazy.

And the new forms he does get share a lot of powers with old ones who fail to appear. Fasttrack was my evidence for that, as he is essentially a ripoff of XLR 8 as I discussed in the review. How is that not giving evidence?

Yes, I prefer original Ben 10, so I was going to be disappointed by this show regardless just like I was with Alien Force. But that doesn't mean my points aren't valid.
  • qtjinla15
  • 3rd Oct 12
But you don't go into detailed points. Also you only focus on one aspect. One aspect is not just enough to proclaim a show is terrible.
  • Khfan429
  • 4th Oct 12
Not even when that aspect is Ben's alien forms, the focus point of the show?

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