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Reviews Comments: Not all bad Brave film/book review by LKB

I saw this movie a while ago, but I haven't gotten to writing down my thoughts.

The Good:
  • Merida not having a love interest: That's not done that often. Merida's chief relationship is one with her mother.
  • The Mother Daughter Relationship was also very interesting, A Disney/Pixar character with both parents, not that common actually. Both had faults, but both overcame them.
  • Being a princess isn't about finding love, it's about politics, and soothing the infighting in the kingdom (Granted, the infighting would probably not be taken seriously, as the lords are all buffoons).
  • Soundtrack: Loved it, the string instruments and "Mordu" were excellent.
  • King Fergus I loved his personality.
  • Animation: Amazing, the castle, the forest, the hair (Look at that hair!), all wonderful.
  • La Luna: I dislike saccharine shows, this was cute, but not Saccharine, It was very entertaining, a boy finding his place and his role with his father and grandfather, it was adorable and heartwarming.

The Bad:
  • The Story could have used a bit more originality. Rebellious princess learning to accept her role and her family learning to accept who she is. It did have some good moments, but it could have been better.
  • Mordu has to be one of the worst villains ever. He's intimidating but he barely does anything, just show up randomly and attacks the protagonists.
  • My biggest problem with Mordu was brought up by Dr. Psyche: Show son't tell. Most of Mordu's backstory should have been shown to us, not just told. Maybe we could have seen his past, and how his rebellious mistakes lead to disaster, and tying that into Merida's story. Show Don't tell also applies to how the lords talked about the battle they fought together.
  • On a minor note, the triplets demanding desert for sneaking their mother out. They know how their father feels about Bears, and they are pretty smart for their ages, yet they demand food in exchange for helping*.

  • The Wisps: They look so other worldly in their animation and sounds. They've got an alien beauty. But... Magical Plot fairies is a term I've heard from the internet, can't say it's incorrect.

This film has some glaring flaws, and It isn't my favorite, but it isn't a bad film, I would readily recommend it.


  • DrPsyche
  • 3rd Dec 12
Haha, Magical plot faeries. I heard the same thing from the Jesu Otaku Vlog.

I agree with the Mordu back story, thanks for the citing me.

Boisterous and Hammy King Fergus was neat to watch.

That Triplet scene was kinda scary in context: Your Dad's going to kill your Mom! Don't ask for dessert, help the poor woman...bear. Also, the triplets are smart enough to out-maneuver the adults, smart enough to bargain, and have heard their father's stories, and seen his hatred of bears, they should know the danger the bear mom represents.

I'm glad you enjoyed the film, your review looks a lot nicer with its bullet points, it looks less cluttered than mine.

Over-all good review.

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