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Reviews Comments: OV As: Pure awesomeness Hellsing whole series review by esetios

What can i say? I definately recommend this to anyone who watches animes. Firstly,i would like to clarify that this show is about vampires(and more) on nuclear steroids,some examples include:

1)Our vampire protagonist,Alucard,who normally carries two insanely big guns and can transform into a mass of darkness,full of eyes (and sometimes mouths) that summons hell hounds .

2)And Alucard's apprentice vampire,Seras,who has ax crazy/vengeful tendecies which result in gruesome displays of gorn.

3)A vampire who shoots down military planes with a musket,while singing opera.

And a lot more examples.

Concerning the plot generally,apart from vampires it includes militant catholic priests who make olympic athletes jealous,vampire nazis attempting to attack London and of course lots of gorn.Another component that makes the OV As awesome is how Hellsing actually connects with Bram Stoker's Dracula,which is evident mostly on the latest OV As.Also,there are many crowning moments of awesome and crowning moments of funny.

As for the design and the animations,simply the best quality.Especially on the latest OV As you will probably notice that they are improved even more.

And all of these are served with awesome music.

PS:Hellsing offers the most beautiful slasher smiles, here's a sample of them.


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