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I know what we're gonna do today!
I've grown up with a lot of original stuff from the big 3 kids networks, as well as Kids WB, and Phineas and Ferb is without a doubt one of the best original shows I've ever seen. The music makes you think of Animaniacs a little, and the completely random things the brothers do is just off the wall cool, from the roller coaster in the backyard to getting a band back together.

The creators are smart enough to realize when a gag or joke is getting stale, and somehow manage to subvert of invert whatever it is, meaning that a new episode is always has a little surprise for the viewers. If you haven't seen this show before, highly recommended.

And if you want, make a little drinking game out of how many tropes you can spot being subverted or inverted.


The songs DO have that Animaniacs feel, but the subject matter is nowhere near as biting or off-putting, since it's Disney. Even when a character does, says, or witnesses something remotely crude, he/she apologizes for it or frowns upon it! The kindness and cheerful nature of the show is something you don't see in cartoons these days.
comment #2042 werdnak84 11th Mar 10
And yet, done so well that it doesn't turn cloying or insincere.
comment #3899 hobbitguy1420 11th Aug 10

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